Chrome Shelled Regios #20 — Time Filler

May 23rd, 2009


Yawn. Next.


A pretty lame and very Nina-centric episode that doesn’t actually go anywhere. Felli has a bit of a spat with the rest of the squad because Nina’s not telling them anything about what happened and then gets kidnapped by Haiaiaiaiaia so he can have a rematch with Layfon next week. The dumb drama with Gorneo also annoyed me. DRAMATIC MOMENT. Oh wait, he just wants Layfon to spar with his ADD catgirl because we have an extra 90 seconds of show to fill. Oh right, Leerin and her cuddlebunny are also roaming around the city now, no doubt to dramatically throw Layfon’s new weapon to him at the proper deus ex machina moment.

Really though, that’s just about it for the episode. They could have put all of that into about ten minutes if they had cut out the Gorneo parts and reduced it to just one scene of the squad sitting around grinning at Nina like imbeciles. I really am starting to get seriously worried about how this is going to end… at least assuming that it is ending in about a month. Hell, there are still three characters in the OP which haven’t even shown up at all yet. It’s not like we need them to solve all the mysteries of the world and slay the filth monsters once and for all, but neither the anubis guys nor Haia are particularly convincing last bosses so far as yet, and unless Haia gets one hell of a powerup next episode, there’s still really nobody that can stand up to Layfon.


Layfon vs Haia.

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17 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • tabs05 says:

    Well I have to agree that this was a really slow episode.They could have actually got the kidnapping and the rematch all done in this one.Also, was there any point into kidnapping Felli if all Haia wanted was a rematch?From the looks of it, Layfon kicked his ass again in next weeks ep.Although Layfon getting slapped by what appears to be Felli after the rescue didn’t make sense.Jealousy perhaps or in the lines of why did you rescue me you should have…(Insert reason here plus drama)?

  • Yue says:

    About time, Savaris gets +10 fashion sense. ^_^

  • Lei says:

    Wow Layfon got depressed and emo and became a pile of mess again because of the missing Felli….oh wait, no he didn’t. XD

  • Nazarielle says:

    Final boss Gedosh? :p

  • Azure says:

    Only thing good about this one was having more of Felli’s blobface…

  • SDS says:

    Although I enjoy this series, it spends too much time creating unnecessary subplots and prolonging the main ones by having characters say often the most un-meaningful lines that extend the convoluted plot. I mean unless they make consecutive seasons this standalone season won’t amount to much in the end.

  • sora fujino says:

    i think the most exciting part of this episode is the preview of the next :) lol

  • sora fujino says:

    oh, did anyone notice that the fight scene b/w layfon and nina was almost the same as the one b/w them in eposde 2

  • The Phantom says:

    BORING episode, absolutely nothing happened, I think the preview of the episode 21 has more content that the whole episode 20.

  • Irie says:

    If the show is going one season, it can’t afford a build-up episode like this. The show continues to try cover too many aspects of the underlying stories. It continues to feel incomplete with little accomplished.

    I realize Felli wants some attention but what kept her from sending a telepathic help message before she was kidnapped? Seems like she wanted to be captured. Since Layfon has the time to be slapped, I guess they won the inter-city match. I read somewhere that Leerin was pretty pissed at layfon for ignoring his studies and making all those new friends. Could explain the slap. Either that or he rejected the new dite and gave some lame excuse.

    The manga’s really give a much better feel for the relationship between leerin and layfon. Even without Leerin present, he seems to rely on her emotionally. Something that seems missing here and a big part of his mental makeup.

  • preetypink16 says:

    this sure is one amazing anime!!!! I didnt like it before but I love it now LOL.If anyone wants to see all its episodes it being uploading on and does anyone knows when season 2 will come out??