Chrome Shelled Regios #18 — Jenga!

May 9th, 2009


The future has some weird games.


Well, the best way I could describe this episode is half-done. There were a lot of developments, but since there are still so many dangling threads, things felt more like they were just unfinished than cliffhangers. Nina’s still surrounded by a bunch of the anubis guys, Leerin’s up on a roof with some evil jerk, Zuellni’s going off to war, and Felli copped out of a real confession. Layfon was still angsting over Nina and his subsequent tongue lashing from Karian anyway. We did finally get the first inklings of a connection between the present and the Legend timelines, namely that whose-her-face the girl is related to (or is) whatever’s inside of Leerin. She also showed that she shared Nina’s ability to see the spirits normally, and that she can see Nina’s possessed by the goat, so more proof on that end.

Speaking of Nina, I was rather disappointed that they deus ex machina’d her over to Mayth to hook up with Leerin. I probably could have also done without the giant goat invading her naked body, followed by a light make-out session with Zuellni. I’m also not really sure where Leerin’s Jenga set came from, or how it even works. It’s just a pile of wooden blocks. Do you set them up and hope that the pile is stable? That wouldn’t work. At all.

So overall, meh. Things happened, but what seemed interesting was left unfinished or half done, and most of the rest was more concentrated on Karian’s warmongering and Leerin’s attempts to be a rooftop superhero. Neither of which are why I watch this show.

Super Brief Summary:

After Nina’s close encounter with the two spirits, she wakes up in Mayth. Meanwhile, Layfon fights off the bugs while thinking that what happened to Nina is his fault. After he gets back and is kind of a jackass to the rest of the squad, Felli faints from how much she’s been using her power.

Leering and Savaris are being detained in Mayth. The authorities are especially curious over the weapon they’re carrying for Layfon, but all their papers and crap are eventually put in order. Nina’s also stopped by the cops. Savaris kicks Leerin’s tail at Jenga, and then leaves to go explore the city because he senses a huge power. Leerin goes off to dinner, where she runs into Nina. She sees the goat inside of her and falls back in shock. The two get to talking like irritating valley girls.

Back in Zuellni, everybody’s on patrol and keeping a watch out. Felli wakes up with Layfon sleeping in a chair next to her. She moves to caress his face, but he wakes up, so she blushes and tweaks his nose instead. Since she’s feeling better, Layfon leaves, but is shot after he leaves the room.

Leerin kicks Nina’s tail at Jenga and goes over to a strange bird that keeps coming back. They notice a huge ball of energy over the city as a siren blares. Nina leaps out of the room to run to it, but is stopped by the anubis men. Leerin goes to the cops instead, who tell people to not worry and dismisses them. Savaris meets up with her there, but when it’s revealed that he can’t see the big ball, Leerin starts running towards it. She finds that the ball is confining a flock of birds via a nearby device. With the help of the head cop, she disables it and they’re set free, but the cop grins evilly.

Layfon subdued, Karian lectures him. Layfon wants to go after Nina, but Karian yells at him that he has no idea what or where to even start, and Zuellni is in deep crap right now. Layfon eventually submits and goes to mope on the roof. Felli joins him, and says that she wants to go with him, but Layfon blows her off.


Throwdown at Mayth.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Irie says:

    I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing for a while now. There are too many plot threads in these episodes. I never feel anything is resolved. I really enjoy this show but would have prefered a different approach. I could see CSR going another season. Just too much going on.

  • Silver says:

    @ Irie

    That’s what I was thinking from the beginning of the series. There’s a lot going on in the novel and since the studio is planning on following that, it won’t be easy doing it in only 26 episodes.

  • Yue says:

    Felli~sempai is going to suffer from nosebleed from that redness.

    Also, crosses out Nina from Layfon’s harem due to *ehem* beastial goat.

  • Irie says:

    I could see next episode being really disappointing. We have three or four events and each one deserves their own episode. Zuellni is mobilized to fight. I’d love to see what the platoons can do. Nina and Leerin are both going to show their spirits. Will they be permitted to leave the city? Layon & Felli are going to have to recover and they will have to fight. Beyond that we have Salinvan planning something. So is the queen. Too many unresolved elements and just not enough time.

  • Yue says:

    unless this is a 50+ episode series… ^_^