Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- #04 — Covered in Panties

April 26th, 2009


When they’re worn on the head, I don’t think it’s considered fanservice.


What a subversive delightful episode, and probably my favorite episode of this show to date. We began with fighting lightning tentacle monsters, segued into Mashiro literally covered in panties, had a little aside for Yuuri’s testacles to drop low enough to sing funk, tossed in a little needless crossdressing, and then ended with more gods covered in panties while Wakamoto was in there just being… Wakamoto. If it hadn’t been for the tentacle graping, this would have really been a pretty innocuous episode, for the copious number of panties and abuse towards dogs, women, and tentacle monster lolis.

Both Ameri and Yuuri went up a few notches in my personal rankings this week. Ameri didn’t really do anything except act as a straight man to Mashiro and Nue’s obsession with panties, but she was genuinely enjoyable to watch in both of those scenes. Yuuri, meanwhile, has turned into some kind of badass demon hunter in a few episodes of off-screen training, and isn’t going to take any crap from Mifuyu about being a bike mechanic. Not only was he going toe to toe with Mashiro in training, but he took down (an admittedly weakened) Nue in a single shot. Mifuyu wasn’t too bad either, mobilizing the student body into taking out Nue’s spiders all at once as well as noticing that Nue was weakened by water when they fought before. Well done all around, cast.

Okay, Nue was a little more annoyingly braindead than I expected her to be, but so long as she mixes god arrogance with her petulance, I think I’ll be okay.

Brief Summary:

Nue and Mifuyu fight at school. Mifuyu is knocked out, and Nue escapes. At Mito’s house, Mashiro is trying to choose the right pair of panties for herself while Ameri somewhat helplessly watches on, occasionally pausing to beat Yuuri when he wanders in. Mifuyu comes by to tell them about the attack. Afterwards, Yuuri works on his bike. Mifuyu’s dismissive of it, and Yuuri tells her to basically get the hell out. That night, Nue creeps over the campus again, with a legion of spiders spinning their webs all over the place.

In the morning, when Yumina and Mifu arrive to fetch Mashiro, they watch Yuuri engage her in some pretty heated training. At Flawless, Mifu sics the student body out while Mashiro and Yuuri (in drag) go to confront Nue. They find Nue immediately, but she’s more than a match for them. Mifu puts the plan into action and the student body all kills the spiders around campus at once, severely weakening Nue, and then Mifu turns on the sprinklers, preventing Nue from using her lightning. Mashiro and Mifu both attack and then Yuuri explodes out of his dress to finish it, but when the slime clears, Nue’s revealed as a small girl. Mifuyu befriends her and makes a promise to be with her.

Later, Nue’s picking out her own pair of panties. She and Mashiro argue about it while Ameri and Yumina helplessly look on. Wakamoto has his own $.02 again as well. Outside the room, Yuuri asks Mifu if she’s really going to keep her promise to Nue. She replies in the affirmative and broaches the subject of a bike to try to make amends.


Mysterious murders.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Irie says:

    Really well paced episode. It’s refreshing to get a complete story. Getting tired with some shows trying to tell 3-4 plot elements in each episode. Feels like you didn’t see anything.

    Glad Yuuri is showing some real growth. With all these gods, he’s got to keep up.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    It’s a trap! >_>

    Cute loli-tentacle monster. How ironic.

  • jeffng9 says:

    i wan moar mifuyu~

  • Damen28 says:

    the show continues to show potential. However I don’t know how much loli-tentacle-monster I can stand.

    Got to love the little dance Mashiro puts on while checking out the panties. That made me laugh.

  • An-chan says:

    LOL. Nue’s no trap. She’s reversed trap to be precise since her true form is the black kimono loli. The slimy tenctale is a fake form to scare other tayutais, peoples, and lolicons who would omochi-kaeri her. xD

  • X says:

    You’re right An-chan, Nue’s true form is that of a loli, so she took that tentacle monster form to scare others, since she knows full too well that in her real form, she cant scare anyone away. BTW Nue is also that perverted cat who always does the preview for the next episode, lol. Nue is cute!