Polyphonica crimson S #04 — Misogyny 201

April 25th, 2009


You shouldn’t be able to sing out of that, falsetto boy.


Well, things started moving along a little more than they had for the past few episodes, but it was still a pretty placid episode. It was pretty evenly split between Phoron and Corti still trying to sort out their relationship and the introduction of the first real antagonist, Raika. Nothing too interesting on the protagonist side. The twins are jealous of Corti, and Phoron doesn’t like her fighting because she’s a girly girl. I think she’s technically a giant red ball of death energy that only hooked up with him between fighting magic wolves, but hey… what do I know. Raika wasn’t too interesting either given that they really made absolutely no mystery of her from about two minutes after she was introduced. She was all evil smiles and obsessively rambling on about doing anything for the one you love. Subtle it was not.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Aizen^^ says:

    oie grasias por el capitulo ta wenazo la serie

    jejej 1ro en comentar :P

  • P-dash says:

    Well at least we’re past the Phoron angst episodes, hopefully.

  • dex says:

    can someone bother with explaining why corti still has 4 wings? >.<

  • Ronin8317 says:

    Corti is in her ‘loli’ form in order to conserve her ‘fairy power’. Her true form has EIGHT wings, if you look closely at the OP and the ED.

  • tylon says:

    Could be an error or an anime original.

    I don’t remember reading Corti in that form (4 wings) in the novel or V.novel (she start off with 6)…
    That HISTORY lecturer was covering the topic of “始祖精霊” – lol –

  • Corti says:

    I love those subtle hints like that about the 始祖精霊 … and about the wings, I was really surprised, because normally Corti has six wings. Yeah, originally there have been eight wings, but they went away. In the other works there has only been one illustration with a 始祖精霊 with eight wings and that was in white, when Rishuritinka went rampant. She was sealed and returned in a younger form too. So I strongly believe that those wing numbers in the Anime is original. And confusing the people who read otherwise ^^;

    Apart from that, I somehow like Leica… she’s a poor woman, at least that’s what I thought when playing the VN…

  • karuroso says:

    hell the subs are still on the first epi i.i