Polyphonica crimson S #03 — Love and Shoes

April 19th, 2009


Everything is solved by one or the other.


Honestly, both Polyphonica and Valkyria were really lame this week. I’m just posting about Polyphonica by dint of watching it second. Valkyria was a by the books intro to the new characters with the third straight episode of "ZOMG she’s Darcsen we can’t trust that" followed by not enough enough military action for them to do anything egregiously silly or wrong (giving a very very wide berth to Edelweiss’ dual use as a submarine at any rate) and then Selvaria blungeoned the camera with her chest. Speaking of which, her bust was the only high calibur weapon in the preview for next week. Apparently it’ll be an episode about Alicia meeting naked men and Welkin hanging up the laundry. Are you really out of money for CG tanks already, A-1?

Meanwhile, Polyphonica was off on its its own by the numbers approach to teaching Phoron how to happily play music once again. Prine beaning the punk with a shoe was easily the high point. If only she had yelled Мы вас похороним, then Polyphonica would have trumped Valkyria for geo-political action. Seriously though… who goes to class and picks a fight with their TA? Has it not crossed his mind that this will adversely affect his grade? Why even bother showing up? I think the show may just be starved for conflict so has to fabricate it, no matter how bad it turns out. Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of that guy. I’m not sure I could stomach a third episode of Phoron being a whiny little pantywaist.

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  • Sniperk says:

    Is it ok to pick up this show if I haven’t watched the first season, I wonder. For all I mustered from the blogsphere, I couldn’t come up with an answer to that. =\

    Another thing, is Valkyria Chronicles scheduled to be a 13 or 26 episodes series?

  • Silver says:

    About Polyphonica, I think it will be alright. From what I heard, Phoron is quite interesting later on. Beside, we all have some issues in our life at some point. Anyway, now that’s the Prine that I think is awesome. Hopefully, both Valkyria and Polyphonica will be good next week.

  • Ronin8317 says:

    Valkyria Chronicles will be 26 episode.

    As for Polyphonica, it’s better if you pretend that the first season never existed.

  • Gummi says:

    Ronin8317 is right, its okei too watch Polyphonica season 1, but it would not make any diffrence.

    In reality you should watch this first before the first season lol, since the first season he has already graduated from school and is working with some of the main characters now, while this season he is in school and we get too see more of his school life.

  • tylon says:

    “Phoron being a whiny little pantywaist”
    Be prepared. Phoron is a pacifist and this will create a lot of trouble. I mean A LOT…

    I find that the visual novel version linked the event better than the anime version:
    – Corti mention that his music “sucks”
    – School adm. was aware of it and wanted Phoron to take a re-test (to prove that he is qualified to stay in advance level)
    – Principal post the “bonus question” to him
    – That self proclaim genius event
    “I remembered that Phoron did not fight back at all and he is the one who stepped forward to cover (not arrest) Purine”
    – Peruse event
    – Compose his music
    – During the re-test, he played beautifully
    “Corti leveled up to adult form and I was expecting the tsundere adult form to be animated out”
    – The sudden increase in the number of the spirits had cause everyone except phoron and the yugiris to faint. Thus, no one could vouch his perfect performance.
    End of Chapter 1

  • P-dash says:

    For the sake of LOVE you must endure this! Besides Aroduc, you’ve forced yourself to watch far, far worse than this.

  • Silver says:

    @ tylon

    Well, if he knocks out everyone due to the sudden increase in spirits, the can’t say that it’s perfect but they sure knows that he did an extremely good job which pretty much knocks them out. Right? Haha.

  • Mimi says:

    Agreed to Tylon. I have played the VN as well. I was so surprised to see Phoron wanting to go towards Danguis, he normally is the type who endures and endures and doesn’t want to fight… Well, he was after all brought up by nuns ^^;