Chrome Shelled Regios #16 — SHAINA SMASH!

April 25th, 2009


She’s hotter when she’s pissed.


I’ve got to agree with her though. She joined the squad to help them win, and even though they wiped the floor with the rest of Squad 1, because Nina got herself in over her head and KOed, they immediately lost the match. Shaina even warned Nina about it before hand, but stupid Nina threw herself head first into a fight on her own for really no reason other than her own dumb pride. Great work, Nina. The other big loser of the episode was Mei, who all but took herself out of the running for the Layfon Derby. It’s not like anybody but the girl that’s already kissed him and is bearing his child new unneeded overpowered weapon of doom ever had a chance anyway.

It was somewhat less thrilling than one might imagine to see the same Legend of Regios bits that were on the second DVD again in this episode. At least for the first one, they actually had a little bit of new content. Next week looks like it could actually be pretty action packed though, so I’m excited. Layfon, Haiaiaiaiaiiaiaiaiaiaiai and Darth Vader are off to go attack a nest of the creepy crawlies. On the other hand, Nina’s also apparently going to angst it up yet again. Why doesn’t she just admit that she shouldn’t be in charge and let Felli give the orders from now on? Or Sharnid, although I think that’d result in their uniforms being bikinis and speedos.

Not that I’m complaining, just making a note.



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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    Someone just threw a phase grenade at the bugs. Hey, by the way, isn’t Felli~sempai just limited to simple facial expression? That’s cheating. ^o^

  • Apathy says:

    Uhm…I think it’s just harder for Felli, not that she can’t. Or maybe it’s part of her “character development”. Anywho…

    Yay! Random Felli-related violence!…always a treat…

  • shio says:

    Shame about the Legends bit not being new. I guess for those who watched DVD extras, the only thing to look forward to for a few episodes is the great accidental Engrish one-liners.

  • madmaxmadog says:

    row 11, first pic…….is that wolverine? 0_0