Chrome Shelled Regios #15 — “How To Feel It Is The Re-Different.”

April 18th, 2009


Mifi, are you even literate?


Well, I guess it was an alright episode, but a healthy chunk of it was other characters learning what we’ve known for months, if not the very first episode. Naruki figures out that Layfon really is that strong after he takes out her and the rest of 17 on his own in a mock battle, also that both Felli and Nina like Layton, Layfon tells Mei all about his terrible past right down to the painfully cliche "I’m a monster," Layfon and Nina figure out that Mei’s been the one delivering the lunches, etc. Queeny did get a bit pissed off at her body double for getting a bit out of line with how she treats her Heaven Blades, and somebody (likely under the influence of the goat, if not the goat himself) dropped a bridge on Layfon and Mei at the end, but that was really about it for development this week. Oh, and they did that "Legend of Regios is a TV show" gag again. Speaking of that, it’s amazing that aside from the bad pronunciation, the English there isn’t bad. Mifi’s articles on the other hand…

Which isn’t to say that it wasn’t relatively enjoyable. Just that the SD war over the potato peeler was the highlight of the episode in just about every way. That entire segment was priceless. Mei pretended like she was restoring a dite spatula and frying pan (and you know how I like spatulas), and then Sharnid gave the eavesdropping duo the secret weapon. Nina, being the bitch that she is, ended up slamming Felli face first into the wall when their fighting drew Fon-fon over to investigate. Poor girl. Really though, you could probably turn off this episode after that part and you probably wouldn’t miss much… aside from a goat cockblocking Mei by dropping a bridge on her.


Squad 17 has to make do without Layfon.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Irie says:

    It was a fun episode. Nothing big happened but we get a little more character development. Mei-shen is the obvious winner this week. Is it me or did Naruki seem to fall for Layfan. Here I was hoping to have at least one girl show some self control.

    Goat-spirit seems to be creating some havoc but who’s to say the bridge collapse wasn’t part of Haia’s revenge. He seems to be making an appearance next episode. For anyone worried about Layfon, he does have some internal ki that gives super human healing. Rub a little dirt and he’s good to go.

  • Yue says:

    This episode adds ANOTHER reason why CSR is funny which is Mi~chan’s arguably poor sentence structuring. WOOHOOO!! ^o^

  • Azure says:

    Personally, I liked this one a lot more than the last “breather” episode. The whole kitchen war bit, while a bit overused in a lot of shows, was pulled off pretty well here.

    My only complaint is that they’re still using Legend of Regios to pad the episodes. *sigh*

  • shio says:

    The re-difference is I enjoy the Legend bits.

    Still not sure who this Gedosh guy is, but it sounds like unnamed eye-patch man is some war hero from a rival family who fought the Kelfas.

  • Lollerman says:

    What I thought was most interesting about this episode was the fact that even though Layfon is in a league all to himself, being a Heaven’s receiver or whatever, the fact remains that even he is mortal, as a piece of rebar in his back attests. Still, he tends to pass out on top of girls’ boobs quite a bit, huh?

    • Yue says:

      +80 Luck
      235% Chance to fall on boobs when passing out. (moe)
      1% Chance being awesome while attacking.
      Passive ability: Attracts babes and filth monsters.

      • Lollerman says:

        All that leveling up and character building, and that’s what he puts his points into? Man, 235% for boob falling, but 0% in recognizing the feelings of the girls around him. That’s a failing stat sheet right there man,

  • Yue says:

    I see your point. I know Layfon is evil but at least he’s not perverted. ^_^

  • xxxxL says:

    As usual, ALL girls will fall for Layfon. What a waste of screentime for Meishen, as if she really has ANY chances of ending up with Layfon rofl

  • Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    Rocks fall Layfon dies.

    I’m still wondering how Kei allows you to duplicate yourself.

  • Aika Sumeragui says:

    why those screen caps have small size than the other episodes?

    i love this episode!! nina and felly are pretty funny!