Chrome Shelled Regios #14 — Shaina of the Drill Hair

April 11th, 2009


She handles a lance pretty well, if you catch my drift.

Man, if the raws are always going to be this late, I may just stick with the crappy version.


A pretty good episode, even if the pacing through the middle was off and both of Layfon’s fights were pretty lame. I loved the choreography and tricks that they thought up for Sharnid’s fight. Shooting the ground to kick up a dust cloud in Shaina’s face, the pistols specifically made to turn blades, etc. It’s a shame they don’t have more of a budget to really get the animation kickin’ there. I do wish we could have seen some of Shaina’s moves when she shifted to Sonic form rapier mode. Maybe next time. In comparison, both of Layfon’s fights were over in a pair of sword swings. At least he went into stone cold badass mode before dealing with Haiaiaiaiaiaiaia and took out all of Squad 10 aside from Din and Shaina in a single attack. Even so, Captain Longname went down with barely a whimper. I’m a bit curious what happened to his underlings. They all just ran off with Din when the exposition kicked in and that was the last we saw of any of them. Myumyu also went down entirely too easily, especially given that she was trying to hold off Shaina, Sharnid, and Nina all at once.

Speaking of the exposition, it really did break the flow of this episode pretty badly. Layfon one-shots Din, so Din powers up… and then exposition. Haiaiaiaiaiaia’s men show up to restrain Din and his possessed beasty thing, Layfon pulls his weapon and… cut back to Felli for some more exposition. Sharnid’s bit at the start at least served a point and didn’t interrupt things already in progress. I swear, that battle is responsible for about 95% of the angst in this show. Likewise Shaina’s "I love you" speech at the end at least made a decent attempt to tug at some heart strings. Poor stupid Din. I don’t have that much pity for him though, what with abusing ubersteroids to better beat other people up. Not that he deserved being brainraped by some kind of goatelk, just that as far as this show goes, he’s one of the bigger jackasses.

I found the Legend of Regios portion this week to be especially funny, but that’s always a matter of unintended humor.


Chrome Shelled Filler Kitchen Wars.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Haiaiaiaiaia says:

    Lol… That was a nice episode, in my opinion. Not Layfon’s “Greatest Fight Moment,” as it was sorta cliche with the pause blood spurt, but it was probably the only way to get rid of Haiaiaiaia.

    Anyway, lovin’ your summaries, and on we go. O.<

  • Yue says:

    It would be *really* nice if they changed Sharnid’s name into Dante. ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    those HD subs better hurry up

  • Total says:

    They should increase the budget for the show so we can experience badass fight scenes this show deserves! Surprised they showed blood. Too bad Layfon didn’t cut him in half. I hope the ratings are good enough so that we can get a second season. I need more Regios!

  • shio says:

    The Legend episode did have some pretty choice English bits this week, but after multiple listens you can sort out some of the European names.

    After this week’s episode I’m thinking Gedosh is the leader or at least a high profile member of the Kelfa family mentioned last week. It looks like news of the little deal going on down at Domino’s pad has become public knowledge.

    And Saya can conjure guns from thin air!

  • Irie says:

    The lack of detailed fight scenes really hurt this weeks episode. Any single one of the fight scenes could have been expounded making this a much more interesting week. The pacing and constant transitions to different plots just felt shallow. I expected alot more physical intertainment rather than more exposition. I hope it’s not a budget issue since the show really deserves better given how much content is available.

    I was a little surprised Shaina has a thing for Din. Hopefully we are getting the wrong impression and she is just concerned as a close friend. Shaina and Sharnid seemed to have alot of romantic tension.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it might have been a budget issue, since usually these type of scenes usually have fast-paced fighting and talking mixed together.

  • TrueKnight says:

    Well if it’s the budget issue then they wouldn’t bother on animating the Sharnid and Shaina fight scenes so fluidly really. I think it’s gotta do with Fon-fon being so overpowered so using this pretext the animators thought ‘oh hey Fon-fon is already strong enough so it’s okay making him had about 3-4 secs fight scenes’.

    Anyway good news for us is that ep 14 is gonna be love wars hahahah.

  • Anonymous says:

    Moe blob Feili for the win next week !

  • tabs05 says:

    Unfortunately no romantic feelings are there between Sharnid and drill haired girl.If there was, it was only on Sharnid’s side, after all he already said that he was dumped by her but stopped himself in mid sentence.Well, it was a shame that the fight scene for Layfon were not drawn out a little more but I prefer it that way.It should be short and awesome though and not dragonball-like since he’s already strong enough than 95% of the population.