ToraDora! #24 — Forget This Noise…

March 18th, 2009


We’re going to Vegas!


Well, that was painfully machinated, stupid, poorly written, and a slew of other things I’d like to say but would involve a number of less kind epithets directed at whoever was in charge of writing this mess. They went from "I’m so horrified of admitting that I like him that I’m in a frantic panic" to "we should run away together and get married" over the course of 5 minutes, most of which they weren’t even with each other. Meanwhile, all their friends think that this is just a dandy idea. It’s like this episode took place in some kind of bizarre continuum where Taiga and Ryuuji had been dating all along, but been kept apart by their evil Montague and Capulet families. They can’t even maintain eye contact with each other, let alone kiss. Apparenty marriage is relationship 1st base in Japan. Makes me seriously fear what ToraDora considers 3rd base. A Cleveland Steamer?

Let’s not stop with the bile there. Ryuuji’s argument with Yasuko was just plain awful. She’s fine for scolding him for lying to her. His counter argument on the other hand… How dare you want me to go to college… just like every single other person in the show thinks I should? That’s what you want. I want to be a dock worker. Or a coal miner. Or a manwhore. Also, I bet you wish I was never born. Where the hell did that nonsense even come from? The Book of Generic Teenage Rants? It didn’t even make an iota of goddamned sense. How dare you take an extra job for me, you hateful wretch. How dare you believe me when I lie to you about what I want.

Ugh. Enough. If you need me, I’ll be pacing in the angry dome. Literally fewer than 10 minutes of show passed between "Taiga thinks that Kitamura saved her" and "Taiga and Ryuuji are running away from home to get married." Just… what the bloody hell?


Meanwhile, back in Verona…

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  • neir says:

    All that needed was a ‘You’re not my real father!’ line.

  • Sheep says:

    >>A Cleveland Steamer?

    Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I did NOT just Google that! Puppies and kittens…puppies and kittens…

  • Kaisos says:

    And the show finally gets what’s coming to it for dropping all the important (angsty) internal monologues that would have explained WHY Ryuuji is willing to do this for Taiga, and WHY he raged at his mother so much.

    Oh, and how he was attracted to Taiga from the very beginning.


  • Dude.... says:

    If you didn’t pick up on the hints that this is the way Takasu feels before this you weren’t paying attention. And that’s your fault, not the show’s.

  • Aroduc says:

    Ah yes. He hates his mother and fears college. Yes. Clearly those were central themes to this show.

  • Kaisos says:

    They aren’t, no.

    It’s not exactly college he fears… more like… responsibility? Saying what he really feels?

  • Dude.... says:

    His desire to protect his mother and her unwillingness to have him sacrifice has always been a theme and was the reason for the fight. Come on people, really? No one picked up on any of this?

  • Kaisos says:

    No, not really.

    She’s been in what, like four important scenes throughout the entire show?

    See, this is the problem. Everything is too subtle for anime-watchers with their low attention span.

  • Aroduc says:

    Taiga’s mom. Who showed up, had one sentence, and then conveniently completely vanished again.

  • Kaisos says:

    She’ll be back again next episode. I think.

  • Honoo says:

    I feel like picking up a sniper rifle.

    Oh wait, probably I should’ve used the almighty director’s godly word: “CUT!!!”

  • Charlo says:

    Is there a reason why the pacing of the show increased 100 fold? I know it’s reaching towards the end, but this is a pivotal point of the entire series.

    I’m assuming the anime production company decided to completely edit out any important monologues/scenes/whatevers that justifies the mind blowing amount of development that occured in a 5 minute span? And cover it up with pretty animation?

  • iidingoii says:

    Light novels FTW!!!!!!

  • jeffng9 says:

    well when a parent and son fight its always for the good of her son or another way. Both have no wrong i guess… The mother wants her son to have a bright future and etc while the son on the other hand is man who cares about everything and wants to help out everyway he could. While they are arguing its just a slip of tongue from ryuuji to say the wrong words i guess.

    I’m still hoping that ryuuji and taiga would be living together with Yasuko.

  • Yue says:

    Mmmmmmm… Kampai. [drinks hot cocoa~milk with Quaker oats]

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    That’s what you get for compressing stuff…

  • TJ says:

    I agree with Aroduc: what the bloody hell happened here? For a minute there I thought I was watching a parody of ToraDora! and the actual show itself. Oh well…

  • MikeW says:

    The production company didn’t have access to the last novel (only an outline of the basic flow of events), so the writer would’ve indeed missed out on specific scene details and internal monologues.

  • dazed, confused says:

    Well said, Aroduc. Hope you don’t mind, there’s gonna be quite a lot of us joining you in the angry dome, at least until the final ep (then again, that might just keep us in there longer…) I don’t care so much about “final pairings”, I can deal with “the journey is more important than the destination” or whatever when it’s done right. But somehow, I think the proverbial journey gets a little less meaningful or fun when the destination (this ep) is a brick wall of WTF.

  • lolwut says:

    >Ah yes. He hates his mother and fears college.

    Ardoc, you obviously don’t even understand Japanese, and just mouthing off… as usual.

    He hates his mother?
    Yeah, that’s why he told Taiga how Yasuko would have lived a better life if he wasn’t born as her burden.

    Did you miss that entire dialog, or you just don’t understand Japanese, yet like to talk out of your ass? lol.

  • Aroduc says:

    Your kind words have shown me the light. Lo, shall I go forth and spread their glory.

    I’ll pick up a new sarcasm detector for you while I’m out.

  • Nellie says:

    *Gives Aroduc ego points* I don’t always agree with your opinion, but it hardly matters since you almost always make me laugh.

    Looks like the people in Animesuki think you’re an attention whore, lol.

    I really wish they had more time to build up these final episodes. Everything that happened went so damn fast and it was a bit jarring.

  • Ryan A says:

    They went from “I’m so horrified of admitting that I like him that I’m in a frantic panic” to “we should run away together and get married” over the course of 5 minutes, most of which they weren’t even with each other.


    Gotta agree with your rants Aroduc, once they determined they would “run away” I was like, wtf… the relationship went Holden Caufield on us!!! And poor Yasuko, Ryuuji just blew up on her -_- … and that’s high school, was Ryuuji ever a rebellious teen, or did it all just happen this episode.

    Regardless of the plot line, I did happen to enjoy Minori and Ami this episode.

  • Ryutai says:

    Am I the only person who believes that Taiga and Ryuuji’s behaviours are NORMAL? It’s absolutely normal they can have irrational behaviours like these…they are just kids! I don’t understand your problems with this episode. People can have insane thoughts, to take sudden decisions, being incoherent…
    Or are you always perfect, rational and logical people, in every moment of your life? There are “normal” people who SUDDENLY can also to kill. This is THE LIFE. Everyone sometimes do crazy and unpredictable things.
    They are TEENAGERS, who have just confessed to each other their feelings, and quarreled with their mothers…They are totally confused and under pressure, so what’s wrong in this? Do you want a dynamic character, who, as a real person, can mistake, or a rigid character who never changes own attitude? YEAH, also clever people can behave in a stupid way. I often mistake or say stupid things, because I’m human. Taiga and Ryuuji are human, very YOUNG, and very stressed because of their families…So, why are you expecting that they are ALWAYS CALM, RATIONAL AND COHERENT? You can hate this couple or this story, but if you say that their behaviours don’t make sense, you are simply forgetting what means to be *human* and not a robot.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you just complain, why are you watching this series?
    Nothing is perfect!
    man, you’re really…

  • Ryugan Koji says:

    sorry but i agree whit ardouc im going to explain it in my best english possible

    come on lets be something real here they build a marriage relationship in half episode, i know that thats anime and something like that the problemas are going to resolve in the next chapter and so, the problem here its that, the reaction of taiga and ryujii is normal? i dont know everyone is diferent buuuuuuuut

    lets face it all of the rest of the characters all like that? i was specting something from ami like “arent you rushing the things?” or something like that, nope nothing like that only a kick, in my humble opinion i see that taiga and ryuji doesnt have real friends, because the friends try to help you that you can see the things and help in your problems and try to calm you when you are upset, but doesnt go along whit all the crazy ideas that you had in the moment.

    but well this is a good example that a good history and plot goes wrong

  • Rawr says:

    Congrats aroduc. Your negative rage posts generates so much more publicity for shows you hate. I’m sure that was your intentions all along.

  • Aroduc says:

    It’s all part of my master plan. The next step is to make fun of Final Fantasy Unlimited and trap all my enemies in that particular black hole.

  • ggultra2764 says:

    Volume 10 of the light novels was recently released in Japan a couple weeks ago from what I gathered. It seems the makers of the anime were given a basic summary of the events of that volume that were planned early, which resulted in this rush job.

  • Bloody says:

    ok.. I’m confused and… wtf happened to Toradora?? o.O

    I thought this was going to have a different end, and a realistic one, but… ok… Ryuuji and Taiga are engaged.. WTF??? They were just friends and in one episode, just one, they’re engaged? That’s stupid and strange…

    Toradora had a good or great start and now is dying in the end … what a disappointment. -.-‘

  • Hibiki says:

    WTH did I just watch?

    I read somewhere during the early episodes that Toradora was supposed to be the next Haruhi. I dunno what to say now.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bet most of you are the kind of people who think that Gundam is angsty and deep or who idolize Yagami Lights GF in Death Note because she wears black and hurts people, OR the kind of people who believe Evangelion is the greatest achievement in human history. Actually, I know exactly who you are: you’re the people who thought that Ryuuji would end up with Minorin/Ami? I don’t really see what you’re complaining about, unlike 95% of all anime released nowadays the plot stayed on track, it developed nicely and where you would expect had you known the ending and captured the problems individual characters had with each other and their environments. This is probably the best anime to come out, well, in years. Obviously its just my opinion but I read through most of the comments and couldn’t stop laughing at your reasoning.

    TL;DR You guys are fags.

  • Lumi says:

    Hmmmm…… don’t wish to recieve flame or publicity, just wanna chat this off but….

    I really had to watch that episode 3 times to understand what was happening… last episode, Taiga realises or is forcefully told that it was ryuji who had rescued her and she had told him that he loved ryuji and he pretends to not know, slowly he realises that he loves taiga more and being with her is the best. TOTALLY agree and <3 it, can actually feel the love being formed between the 2 and how the relationship between all 5 of the main chars are being formed. BUT THEN….

    The moms come? Taiga’s mom? Ryuji’s Mom?
    2 arguments or plots or w.e suddenly occur…..

    1. Taiga’s mom wants taiga to stay with her… ok fine…taiga doesn’t want this, so yeh u escape for awhile and thats the resolve since her mom is pregnant and has another partner…

    2. Ryuji vs his mom. College or work….

    SO RANDOM… can they not discuss this at home? the argument consisted of 1 minute…. where they decide to run away? Marriage?

    didn’t even get a proper confession…. or any signs of getting together…. and the resolve is Marriage?

    The only thing that actually developed properly was Minorin and her feelings and Ami….Ryuji and Taiga … sure feel the love…. but wtf is that shit about him being 18 and all? so u turn 18? take a gap year? earn some money then work? taiga…… stay in ur own apartment? and continue w.e the hell she was doing?

    Sure, u say the anime producers didn’t get the full info… but use ur imagination? or at least develop the “marriage and argument” concept abit more :/

  • IAN says:

    Kudos to the first accurate review of this episode I’ve read. Not to mention, representing my sentiments exactly.

    A huge WTF from me to this whole episode .

    I feel I’ve been duped and the fans sold down the river to a corny ending when we had been sold on so much more.

  • dazed, confused says:

    I didn’t always agree with you (at all) on this series, Aroduc, but I’m agreeing 100% right now. Can Toradora! go from WTF to FTW? Hopes vs. expectations…

  • Zimmer says:

    It just comes too suddenly.

  • Kaisos says:

    @Anon: Eva IS the greatest achievement in human history. =P

  • Ganon says:

    I believe the linked site I present is quite a straight forward slaughter of your article Aroduc. It gives great reason and insight to everything that you so blindly and easily missed. The episode wasn’t to fast… it was more of a “I have no other choice so this is all I feel I can do, LETS GET MARRIED! AND RUN AWAY” kinda approach. Which is fully human and reasonable. In regards to that and the posted link… it gives the episode flawless reasoning and appraisal. The episode was a great one indeed, for those of us that gave enough attention throughout the series and this episode.

  • Aroduc says:

    Oh mercy mercy me. You have rightfully put me in mah proper place, young massah. Never shall I stray from the right and holy path ever again. If it would be to your pleasure, might I be allowed to polish your boots so that I might reflect in their beauty?

  • Toradora FAIL says:

    3 Words…

    Epic Fail End?
    *sigh i really liked this series too

    oo and Aroduc ftw!

  • Totali says:

    F U Aroduc. Lovers > Haters! Hey hey Yay!

  • Ganon says:

    awww poor Aruduc, because he gets proven that his talk about how he knows more about directing the anime then the producers do is all BS, and that anyone who payed any ammount of attention to the series and anime would know this he tries to use sarcasm to play it all off. “O how the mighty have fallen.” Of course there is another saying more appropriare in regards to you Aruduc “Ignorance is bliss.” Of course that can be followed by “arrogance is unforgivable.” Eitherway, your a let down. Your unwitty sarcasm would be better placed in a topic about the Simpsons then here.

  • Mr Aroduc says:

    Please stay after class for extra homework.

    But thank you for calling me mighty. I do try to work out a few times a week.

  • Ganon says:

    Aren’t you pleased that you can modify my post and then underline your modifications to make it appear as if I failed to type correctly. :) You never cease to amaze me. On a side note the few pieces you did not modify but underlined in an attempt to make me look the part of the fool were quite amusing in themselves. “O how the mighty have fallen” Is to be spelled with “O” and not “Oh” in regards to some texts, and it being the nature of a quote, this is how it is to be used. “Payed” is in fact an english word. Look it up sometime. You may be suprised you are not as all knowing as you believe yourself to be. The rest are your modifications, abritrarily added by you. Best of luck in your future reviews, perhaps then you will not prove to be the disapointment you have here, unless you once again attempt to inflate your ego. ;)

  • Mr Aroduc says:

    C-. Please research your arguments before making erroneous and misleading claims.

    But you’re improving!

  • Ganon says:

    My arguements are fine. If you can show where my ‘arguements’ are mistaken or misleading then by all means do. :) *Sigh…* My only typoes there are ‘disappointment’ and ‘arbitrarily’. The remaining underline pieces are quite correct. The occassional typo is of no grave offense, however, underlining correct text to inflate your ego because you believe no one will argue it is quite sad. When you review the last two episodes of the remainder of Toradorapay more attention before writing your article. This can be said to all your other articles as well since they generally take a similar form shown in the above review.

  • Nellie says:

    The period that was underlined should have been a question mark since you asked a question.

    O How the Mighty Have Fallen by The Choir
    2 Samuel 1:25 “How have the mighty fallen”

    “Is” should not be capitalized after your quote. It should be “in regard to” or “as regards to”. The rest of the sentence is rubbish.

  • Aroduc says:

    Ganon, you’re my new favorite commenter.

    Sorry Totali, you’ll have to turn in your tinfoil hat and fanclub badge.

  • Ganon says:

    You capitalize the first word after a quote when using it in a sentence if the sentence starts off with a quoted title, name, etc. such as I did with “Is”. “in regards to” as well as “as regards to” the remainder of the sentence is not rubbish. The use of commas as such is to allow for more information to be stated without interupting the structure or flow of the sentence. That is quite basic. In comment to the period being a question mark this is known as a rhetorical question.

    I like the approach you take in some of your reviews Aroduc, but sometimes you just suprise me with the garbage stance you take on the piece.