Tales of the Abyss #25 — Delicious Sparklies

March 20th, 2009


They are scrumptious and help Luke get into Natalia’s pants.


I’ve got to give them some credit. Legretta and Sync’s final battles were actually rather well done. If they had just cut out all the flashbacks and needless chatter in between, it would have been the first truly solid episode in a long while. Unfortunately, there was a ton of random yakking stuffed in between the clashes that prevented it from ever really building any momentum through the first half. The end of the fight also came a bit abruptly. Tear just paralyzed everybody (with Nightmare? Are you kidding me?) and that was that. Even more unfortunately, the Asch vs Luke fight consisted of about 75% flashback and 10% Asch’s inferiority complex. Regardless, the first half and about the first minute of the second was probably the best that this show has been in months and months.

I do think Legretta really got the short end of the stick compared to all the rest of the God Generals, although I’m extremely impressed at Jade’s ability to bloodlessly kill her without even tearing her clothes. I’m not even sure why they refused to show blood either since Asch died with his splattered all over the place. In fact, I think he’s the first person to actually bleed something other than orange or blue sparklies in this show. Anyway, I barely even remember them even starting into the Tear and Legretta’s past together, and compared to the far more marginal Dist, she’s barely made a ripple in the late going. Then again, I’d hate to put forth the idea that we should have sacrificed the little action we had for more flashbacks. The pacing and development problems are best saved for a wrapup next week.

Also… "Asch’s heart is in me now…" That may be the corniest line you’ve ever uttered, Luke. Shame on you, even if you did just consume his precious precious bodily fluids fonims.

Speaking of which… I really hope that the preview is just holding everything back, because it was almost nothing but stills. *sigh*


Van the Stampede.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sync says:

    Well I for one think Sync got justice. He was wicked fast, and didn’t give a shit when Natalia shot him. That’s pretty much how I imagined his fight would go, although I had hoped he would’ve used Akashik Torment and maybe fought ALL SIX like before and would’ve been the actual LAST god-general to die like in the game but…oh well! It was fun watching him demolish Anise.

  • Aroduc says:

    Pfft. There’ve been two Mystic Artes used so far, and both of them were by Jade. It’s kind of sad. I’m not even sure they’ll bust out the Lost Fon Drive.

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Will we have an anime-original ending? Or another replication of the game ending?

  • Blah says:

    They’ve had Anise and Guy do their Mysic Artes.

  • Aroduc says:

    Pfft. Dying Moon is an extension and so should not count, and if you’re talking about when Guy set Largo on fire, that was an FoF attack (Searing Gale/Neppa Senpuujin).

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Anise’s Final Fury/Satsugeki Bukouken was a Mystic Arte.

  • Aroduc says:

    Oh right, that hideous barely animated thing. You win, I suppose. Though Arietta used her Evil Light there too. Between the two of them, all they did was glow a little bit and spazz out. I’m not surprised that I forgot about those disgraces.

  • SageSoren says:

    And Anise used Dying Moon at some point, too, remember?

    Anyway, I really, really wanted Sync to use Akashic Torment. D:

    Oh well. His fight was still pretty cool. I thought the thing with Tear and Legretta was really sad/sweet, even if it wasn’t led up to very well in the anime.