Tales of the Abyss #24 — Blah Blah Blah…

March 13th, 2009


Oops. Forgot to title this.

Don’t feel like waiting for a non-awful resolution copy to show up. It’s not like anything interesting happened this episode anyway.


Well, that was a waste of an episode. I did enjoy Eldrant firing shots randomly into the air against a navy. I think it’s because Van invested in a new laser light show and needed to try it out. Aside from that though, absolutely nothing of interest or note happened. Asch yelled at Luke some more, Tear found out that Luke’s dissasociating, literally and figuratively, and Anise named the new Ion clone Florian. They didn’t even get the new slick final battle costumes from Peony. My standards are low for this show at this point. I’d have settled for new costumes…. preferably the spa ones. If you want to boil things down, Jade sipping orange juice in a bar really encapsulates everything wrong with this adaptation at this point.

Two more episodes to go… and the fact that Legretta didn’t show up even once in the next episode preview has me more than a little worried that they’re going to be half-assing the big climatic final battle… just like they’ve done for almost every major fight since episode 3 or so. Four major fights left… let’s see if they all add up to even four minutes.


Sync and Asch settle things… if we’re lucky.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sync says:

    they better have awesome battles against legretta, asch, and sync. that REALLY worries me too that legretta didn’t get any air time in the preview. they’re fucking this up right at the end, DAMMIT!

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Have they brought back Tear’s pendant?

  • SageSoren says:

    I can’t believe they’re two episodes from the end and they still found time to do a dialogue episode. Wut.

    The screenshot of Sync in his ridiculous final outfit was awesome, though.

  • Asch says:

    *sigh*Im hving problem in getting Jade’s Item Collector title.Other title may easy to find and get but Item Collector is the hardest(i think)~.~Its sad to see thr is a question mark in ur title list.T.T