Tales of the Abyss #23 — Making Lame Exits

March 7th, 2009


Congratulations to both of you… you made it a competition as to who was the lamest.


Oh come on. Mohs goes down to a Grand Cross and Largo is one-shotted by an arrow to the back. Apparently it hit his weak point, because Guy setting him on fire had absolutely no effect, but a little piece of wood was enough to bring him to a slow operatic end. As usual, neither fight was interesting nor consisted of over 3 attacks, leaving just Largo’s little sob story and another diagram of the planet’s fonon flow as the meat of the episode. Seriously… we’ve seen that same gooddamned diagram of the planet in at least seven or eight episodes, if not more. I’m tired of it. Make a new one.

They did do a better job fleshing out Largo here, but he’s about 3 levels from the bottom of the villain tier list, and half-assing Natalia’s family issues for a second time really doesn’t cut it. She’s already gone through accepting that she’s not the ‘real’ princess, but is still the princess, and adding 45 seconds of hesitation before shooting her real father who sort of wants to destroy everything she loves isn’t exactly a particularly compelling moral dilemma, especially when team A is fighting against a giant bloated cthulan pope.


Asch vs his rival, constipation.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    This doesn’t do justice to the game. ~_~

  • burger says:

    which is the next who will die ??????

  • iidingoii says:

    boat scene next week, kewl.

  • SageSoren says:

    The fight scenes are so Naruto. D:

    They need to stop talking so much and actually fight. That first fight with Sync and Largo back in Episode 7 was probably the best one.

  • sync says:

    They better make the Sync and Legretta fights awesome in ep25. My two favorite characters, and I’m seriously getting pissed that after a somewhat okay Arietta/Anise battle that Dist and Largo were such pussies! I want Sync to have lots of screen time while fighting, lots of flashbacks, Akashik Torment, and to start disintegrating in battle like his third costume implies!