Slayers Evolution-R #11 — I Miss Naga…

March 23rd, 2009

I also miss the episodes which weren’t centered on an angsting stuffed animal.


Well, that was atrocious. I’m not sure how I can properly convey how boring most of it was, except by example. The gang was lost in Taforashia without Pokota to guide them. Then Xellos appeared, had a little bit of a light conversation letting them know that he still won’t tell them his plans (gee, and after 70 some odd episodes, I thought he’d finally crack), brought them to a door, explained why they couldn’t open the door, opened the door, and left. Urgh.

At least Rezo’s possessed Pokota’s body now and we can hopefully move on to the final boss fight. I do fear that there’ll be a bit more exposition to come as Ozel’s ‘death’ nor her relationship to Rezo adaquately explained, but there were lasers raining down on Rezokota in the preview, so hopefully that’ll be minimal and then Taforashia can be reduced to Dragon Slave collaterol damage. It’s also something of a relief that the defenseless pot is finally dead.

So much for the earlier bits where Poko was completely trivialized and the show was fun. *sigh*


God damn it, Pokota.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Remember when Slayers was good?

  • V-chan says:

    They were good in NEXT :) About episode- where’s Naama/Naga? Why she was in first episodes and now she’s gone? :/

  • Anonymous says:

    But Slayers has always been funny at first and serious toward the end of the seasons. Even Next was like that, the fight with Hellmaster Phibrizzo was intense.

    Frankly I enjoy my Slayers with a little more structure, I think this season has been better than Revolution. Though I still wish Pokota’s design wasn’t so retarded looking, it’d be easier to take him seriously.

    Also I have a thing for.. for Xellos… actually acting evil <3

  • Nayuki says:

    Remember when Amelia didn’t have melons larger than her head…?

    Naama/Naga probably figured that she wasn’t needed for bust jokes with THAT around and went off to greener pastures…

  • Aili says:

    I’ve been trough this posts and I admit this last series is more hillarious than the other one: frankly, Revolution was incredibly boring. I used to be a great fun of Slayers and that’s why I’m watching this new serios but, honestly, they just are trying to stole more money.
    Evolution is funny but it can’t be compared to Next, I love that saga!

  • Nagafan says:

    The “Nama Arc”, if you will, was pure filler- if the weak conclusion wasn’t evidence enough. The entire point of bringing in Naga was to fill time with a little fanservice, because Evolution-R will almost certainly be the finale, and unfortunately, nostalgia seems to be the theme.

    I hear the ratings were terrible too, so this experiment was nothing but a failure. If we do get another season, let’s hope it’s an animation of the Dynast arc.

  • gokudomatic says:

    no, please no more. At the end of Slayers Try, I had the strong feeling that the team should stop there. And they did. But for some reason, some people thought that this serie should go all the way down to failure.
    So please, let bury this anime while we have still good memories of it.

  • yinnan says:

    why are u miss naga.