Slayers Evolution-R #10 — Gadzooks!

March 16th, 2009




A very exposition heavy episode with more than a few ‘big’ reveals that only a blind musk ox couldn’t have seen coming. That dulls the impact juuuuuuuuuuust a little bit. Poko’s kingdom was just a big experiment for Rezo, both plague and seal, and he never intended (or had any way) to save it . Also, that Zel’s body can never be changed back to human… barring the next magical book or widget that they invent to do just that. Since all these stunning revelations an evil wizard did evil things came from a pot, the episode was essentially just a nonstop reel of shocked reaction shots.

Er… I have little else to say. Human Zel frightens me somewhat, to say nothing of the half-naked bondage shot… and didn’t Lina bisect his fishman buddy? Or was he the one that they ate? I clearly need a season 1 refresher.


Back of Taforashia…

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • V-chan says:

    I wish that Amelia was little more about Zel(like comforting him or something-> just like in manga). I feel sorry for him- he was really cute when he was a human. And I feel VERY sorry for Pokota- that must be shock for him. I don’t get why Lina, Gourry and Amelia are so… calm about this two tragedy? :/ That sucks…

  • Hinano says:

    Omg a blushing human just feels so…wrong! rofl.

    in other news when are you doing a spring preview? I miss the silly pixel sprites

  • Aroduc says:

    Next Monday. Some shows still have almost a month to go before they end, Miss Impatient.

  • Senna says:

    Didn’t human-Zel have … black hair in the first series? Oh, well.

    Looking forward to the preview guide, yay!

  • violet says:

    nunsa is the name of the humanfish, and this flashback is set before lina boiled him and his comrades ate him. remember that lina met zel when he was already a chimera.

    zel’s hair was darker when it was shown in season1 (very similar to rezo’s). it was part of a dream and everything was dark so, it might be different.

    zel in human form is so adorable but i’m used to his chimera look >3<

  • gokudomatic says:

    Impressive episode. I liked.

    In the explosive demon manga when Shabrani-Godu awakened from Rezo’s body, he also said that there was no way, even for the god of mazokus, to turn Zel’s body back to before. I suppose that’s because the information that describes the body, or equivalent to DNA, was definitely altered. In that case of course there’s no way for Zel to recover his original body. He should instead find a way to transform his body to a new human body, aka altering himself a second time.

    But there’s still one thing I can’t understand. If Rezo’s body was destroyed, either his spirit was in the body and should have been also destroyed, supported by the fact that he helped Lina to kill Ruby Eye, either his soul was for a long time already in the jar and his body was… I don’t know. remotely controlled, or filled by a copy of his soul, or whatever. This is still the thing I don’t get it. His spirit won’t have moved from his body to the jar, which was really far away, like that.
    Remember also Eris, who created a clone of Rezo to try to revive him. She obviously didn’t know a thing about this jar stuff, even when she was his labo assistant.
    This just doesn’t make sense.

    Also, Rezo is still thinking he will help a lot of people if he resurrect, but he’s forgetting that most of his power came from Ruby Eye. Now that his soul is totally separated from the demon, he’s weak. Or at least he has now magic power like every human. His whole plan is doomed.

  • Aili says:

    I used to love Zel and I really was surprise to see how handsome was his human version in this series.

    I agree that Ame and the other are like too indiferent about everything. In general, this new serie is very hillarious (and that’s why I like it despite that it isn’t as good as the old one- on the other hand, Revolution sucks) isn’t good with drama staff. But the manga is better in that aspect. It is poorly drawn, but it’s more serious. BEsides, Zel chooses his friends before his original boddy, that was awesome! (plus, some Z/A moments!)