Minami-ke: Welcome Back #10 — Hot Balls in Uchida’s Mouth

March 8th, 2009


I bet that I get the best Google results.


This was easily the best episode of this season of Minami to date. The third part was pretty weak, but the fourth was an absolute riot. Watching Chiaki bark at Natsuki while he growled back between flashing his creepy smile at Haruka was absolutely priceless. I haven’t laughed that hard in months. Part 1 and 2 were decent as well, but when you end that amazingly, that’s really all that’ll stick in your mind. Part 1 did have creepy joystick-using Natsuki, and that counts for a lot. Part 3 unfortunately just dragged on so long that I forgot we were in a flashback until it skipped back. It also creeped me out quite a bit since Fujioka still thinks Touma’s a guy… and about 3 years younger. I’m pretty sure guys sitting in guys’ laps is a recipe for… uncomfortable weirdness.

It also bears a little mentioning that the scenes with Fujioka and Taiga Chiaki were really adorable. Perhaps it’s just the whole ToraDora thing on the brain, but as weird as they’d be as a couple (not like this show has any pretenses at serious romance anyway), those shots did make them look very good together.

Part 1 was relatively typical gender bending antics with Touma and Fujioka. Part 2 was the how and why of Chiaki’s psychology, as told by Kana… with Uchida sucking on balls. Part 3 was jealousy over Fujioka’s lap, as told mostly in a flashback from his lap. Finally, Part 4 was Natsuki getting prepped for dealing with the sisters (smile for Haruka, ignore Kana, intimidate Chiaki) so that he could ask them to send Touma home earlier… who was sitting there ignoring the conversation the entire time.


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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    Can someone please tell Fujioka that Touma’s a girl. That’s sexual harrassment. ^_^

  • Haesslich says:

    Ah, so they brought that chapter of the manga into the show (Fujioka and Touma hanging together like that). Good. Also, one gets the feeling that Chiaki’s feelings towards Fujioka are less platonic than they possibly could be… which, if Chiaki develops along Haruka’s lines, could bode poorly for Fujioka’s freedom.

    http://blog.seiha.org/images2/minami310/minami310_27.jpg – but shots like this make the Chiaki/Taiga comparisons inevitable…

  • ReddyRedWolf says:

    Chiaki views Fujioka as a brother. Uchida’s reaction is that they were lovey dovey.Remember in the first ep the guy who first came is her prince. Turns out its Fujioka. Obviously she doesn’t get that Fujioka’s real target is Kana. Out of all the sisters Chiaki is the easiest to ship with guys. Like the Princess Craddle incident. Chiaki and Kana are more similar than we think. Early in season 1 Kana kicked out Fujioka because she thought he was taking her sisters from her.

    Oh yes “Plain Yogurt” Shuuichi is not dead.

  • Haesslich says:

    Reddy: I thought she viewed him as a father-substitute versus a brother, but at the same time is a bit more possessive of ‘oto-san’ than is proper. Everyone else but Uchida sees the two as like brother-sister, but Uchida sees Chiaki’s attentions towards Fujioka as being less sibling-like… although given how she reacted during the pool episode in Okawari, that’s explainable enough. Very ‘tsundere’ after that rescue.

    And Chiaki KNOWS Fujioka likes Kana – that’s why she and everyone else commented on how Kana didn’t notice the significance of the ‘future husband’ divination. The way things are going, Chiaki may go ‘Oedipus complex’ someday.

    Although some of those shots make Chiaki look Toradorable…

  • Ex says:

    wewt Natsuki episode

  • Ryan A says:

    Watching Chiaki bark at Natsuki while he growled back between flashing his creepy smile at Haruka was absolutely priceless.

    By the book, lol.

  • Ray P. says:

    Uchida. Is. Adorable.

    Helps she’s got Eri Kitamura backing her voice wise. It’s like a cuteness overload.

  • sage says:

    This is begging for a “JUST AS PLANNED” shop.

    ps. Toradorable

  • Haesslich says:

    sage: I’m thinking a “Kira, he’s not” caption to the “Just as Planned” shop.

  • sage says:

    Lame, you are.

  • Haesslich says:

    sage: Not as lame as Natsuki – the guy really doesn’t know how to get a girl’s attention in a not-creepy way, Hitomi excluded. She’s like the female Fujioka in that sense – she’s going for an absolute idiot who really doesn’t notice them, and in all honesty could probably do better than Kana or Natsuki.