Legend of Regios #01 — Now We’re Cooking With Japanese

March 31st, 2009


Not like this makes any more sense no matter what language it’s in.


With the first DVD release of Regios (episodes 1 and 2) comes a compilation of the latter part of the prequel/side story titled Legend of Regios. I’m not sure where the initial lab breakout got to… maybe they’re saving it for some other DVD. I guess we can quit calling it "The Engrish parts" at the very least, although I suppose that there was a spinoff novel covering this stuff titled as such anyway. The most surprising thing here is that it was completely redubbed in Japanese. It also extends about 2 minutes past where Legend of Regios is in the show itself, although it remains to be seen whether the show will be catching up to those parts or if they’re just DVD extras.

Sadly, the new bits aren’t particularly interesting, unless man-cat love catches your ear. Insert your own meme here. It’s doubly creepy because the thing is chatting with him while napping on his crotch.

Uh, that’s all I have to say about that really.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    A cat is fine too

  • Yue says:

    I can see the bullets! I’ll protect!! ^o^

  • shio says:

    At least this release makes this story a bit easier on the ears.^^

    From the new scenes, aside from the romantic past story between Erumi and Domino, we also learn from the brief hotel interchange that Saya has feelings for badass unnamed gun dude.

  • Nazarielle says:

    So, does it actually have something to do with Regios then? It’s not just “LOL IT’S A TV SHOW!”? I guess I shouldn’t have taken anything in episode 11 seriously anyway, but I guess I didn’t expect this to actually have any meaning in the real show.

  • robin says:

    So, it’s a “Watchman” thing in that you have a TV show within a TV show.

  • REGIOZ says:

    His name is Eyerayne. But I coulda sworn & heard one of em call’d him “Gaddosh” (Guh-Dosh)