Chrome Shelled Regios #11 — Give In to the Pleasure, Fon-fon

March 21st, 2009


Koyasu is so underappreciated that it pains me.


Pure abject filler, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I also enjoyed almost all of it. A lot of that is helped by the entire focus of the episode being on Karian and Felli, and mostly the latter. The best gag by far was the opening bit. There’s something truly surreal in watching a shameless parade of cheesecake shots while Karian ‘seduces’ Layfon in the voice over. Nina’s waterpistol dite was also pretty silly, and I’m not sure Miffy could have or ever will make a stupider expression than this one. Karian also really was in rare form this episode. Only he would have the chops to take his sister to the pool, surround himself with beautiful women waiting on him hand and foot, watch anime on the giant screen TV, and then blow it all off to go have some alone time with Layfon.

It wasn’t all bathing suits and bath towels. There were some definite hiccups in the direction and writing. The jump to the Engrish segment was extremely abrupt and awkward at best, and they jumped back with the insinuation that it had just been a TV show that the guys were watching. Even from a joke standpoint, that doesn’t really make any sense. Felli also had a couple moments where she just wasn’t herself. Overwhelming violence, blushing over Layfon, and jealousy are par for the course, but throwing a whiny hissy fight because of Karian? Meh. The whole terrorist bit at the end also seemed completely and arbitrarily tacked on. They did do a few clever things, like tossing in an overly dramatic riff as Nina was diving, but by and large, it felt like the director just didn’t care about this one that much. Additionally, while it was usually fine, this show’s art has certainly seen better days.

Don’t get me wrong though, most of the episode was very silly and enjoyable, just about as vapid as your average Mouseketeer, and having about as much collective fashion sense as one as well.

Obligatory Summary:

Karian wants some time with Felli, so he drags her to the pool, but Team 17 ends up showing up anyway. Nina decides to teach Felli how to swim, and seeing Layfon teaching Mei, she accepts, although nearly drowns when Nina gets distracted by Mei’s natural floatation. Later, Felli passes out from the heat in the sauna as well. Great leadership, Nina. When she comes to, she hears Karian telling the others to lay off Felli, but thinks that it’s just a dream.

The next day, Felli refuses more lessons from Nina, but Sharnid offers up Layfon and she accepts. Karian seethes in the background until teaching/flirting time is over and then has his women take Layfon into a secluded chamber to accuse him of conspiring to get with the pure and innocent Felli and such. Reeducation is in order. Elsewhere, terrorists break in, but are soon taken down by Team 17. They all chat outside for a little bit until they realize that Karian and Layfon have been missing for quite a while. Felli realizes what happened and breaks into Karian’s reeducation chamber to deliver an atomic shin breaker.


Hooray, drill hair girl. Maybe we’ll get the pistol witch soon too.

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21 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kiryuu says:

    I take it this is going to be more than just 13 episodes then… if it is 13 then we’ve got horrific pacing I’d say ^^;

  • Aroduc says:

    24/6 episodes if the DVD cases are to be believed.

  • Yue says:

    Thanks for the info, Arudoc. Honestly, i am hoping CSR is as long as Zettai Karen Children. ^o^

  • Honoo says:

    The terrorists surely don’t know who they are dealing with, do they.

  • Apathetic says:

    Good to see that in a post apocalyptic world filled with mutated bugs, there’s still room for fanservice…

    Oh, I found this pic (probably a scan from the original novels)…and it seems that something really interesting happened & I really would like to know what…

  • Yue says:

    Layfon trying to escape his harem. ^o^

  • tabs05 says:

    Yeah.I was wondering about the pacing since I thought at the start it was only going to be like 12 ep series.When they threw in the pool ep I was like wtf! Well good to know its 24 so maybe we can actually get a good unrushed adaptation.This ep was epic though.Never seen Felli with so many facial gestures.

  • Irie says:

    Looks like next episode is going to be Sharnid-centric. We get to see the bald captain and blond girl from squad 10. I am guessing Sharnid had something going on with the blond girl an possible unresolved feelings.

    This episode was actually pretty good on character development. Layfon pretty much spent equal time with everyone and we get so see some real emotions from Nina and Felli. The brother has a serious siscon problem.

    I saw that this series will keep going uninterrupted for the 24 episodes. We don’t have to wait a season or a cliffhanger at the haveway point.

  • Lollerman says:

    You know, for a man who has a harem, the president seems to not care, while Layfon’s budding harem makes me wonder, who’s harem is stronger? Can we have a harem off here? Will the true pimp please stand up?

    On a completely different note, since this is filler, can we please recap why exactly Layfon was removed from the Heaven’s blades? I’m confused and not sure if the only reason was because he happened to be participating in illegal gambling. The way everybody acted, I thought he accepted an assassination hit on the queen or something. I mean, would you really get rid of a prodigy, over something like that?

  • GGear0323 says:

    i kind of have the same question as Lollerman, i mean, the guy whose arm got cut off said he was only going to show the evidence after the fight, if Layfon didnt throw the fight, at least that what it seemed like, but he was arrested as soon as he won. the crowd sure seem pleased by the fight. i didnt really get what happened.

    • anon says:

      With the subs, it’s a bit clearer(not that thats saying much), I think the guy already went to the queen with the evidence.

      Hes just hoping to blackmail a Heaven’s Blade out of it at the same time.

  • Aroduc says:

    Aside from being a felon in direct employ of the Queen, you mean?

  • Mendou says:

    Is it just me, or did the screen by the pool appear to be showing an ad for a Hatsune Miku album over and over?

  • shio says:


    So how come the official spelling of Felli is フェリ but her swimsuit reads ヘリ? Is it just a cute nickname, or can へ sometimes be pronounced that way?

  • Xander says:

    @Shio: The spelling on the swimsuits I think are intentionally wrong on everyone. Just another bit of weirdness for the episode.

  • Brin says:

    Did no one else see Karian’s swimsuit and go “where’s waldo?”

  • jenn says:

    @Brin: Haha, I did! XD
    @Mendou: I noticed that too..Made me go harh since it kept looping..
    I thought this was a funny ep…enjoyable, but yes, like you said, rather vapid. =)

  • Anonymous says:

    There has to be a real reason why Layfon was exiled. Nobody lets go of an asset just like that.

  • Silentbrick says:

    As to Anon’s question, my answer would be “The queen is currently happily groping Leerin, now that Layfon is gone.”

    Draw your own conclusion there;)

    Someone pointed out that the Heaven’s Blades are also the queen’s bodyguards. A guard that’s open to being blackmailed or bought isn’t an asset anymore, it’s a liability. And if he’s a liability, especially with the combat skills they show, you don’t want him left around for people to hire for whatever nefarious purpose they may have in mind.

  • Irie says:

    The reason for Layfon’s expulsion was due to his attempted murder of Gahard. I know there was alot of debate on this since Layfon was also involved with the underground matches and gambling. Those that read the novel’s have said the queen did not want to expel Layfon but she had no other choice. According to what the queen said in episode 10, “we can’t have … fearing heaven blades and telekinesis users” Personally, I believe Layfon had second thoughts and backed off at the last minute. He should have been able to easily kill Gahard instead of inflecting damage. I’ve tried to stick to what’s been said and discussed. Trying not to spoil anything for others. By the way, Felli seems to know quite a bit more and keeps calling Layfon stupid for his unwilingness to discuss the entire sitaution with others.