Chrome Shelled Regios #10 — Loli Wants Up!

March 14th, 2009


Gorneo is the ugliest damsel in distress ever.


Sort of a disappointing ending to the Gorneo arc of the story. Shante attacks Felli and Layfon because she thinks it’ll make Gorneo happy. Layfon easily deals with her, and then protects them both from an explosion with LAYFON MOUTH BEAM. I wish I was joking. Then Layfon ‘shocks’ the world by saving Gorneo instead of killing him. A little cold blooded murder would spice things up, but it would really be a reach for the current Layfon to do that. It probably would have been less uncomfortable than Layfon slowly but continuously leaning closer to Gorneo’s face through that conversation. If "Eternal Flame" had kicked in there, Layfon’s heterosexuality would have been lost forever, even after spending about 5 minutes of the episode with his head between Felli’s thighs.

I was also a bit disappointed that they didn’t really resolve the Nina stuff either, although this episode ended on a bit more of a silly squabble, essentially "I hate you," "I know," "No you don’t," "Yes I do" ad nauseum, but as always, Felli was the highlight of the episode. This time, she insisted on riding on Fon-fon’s shoulders. Her steady subjugation of Fon-fon’s dignity is one of the most charming things about this show, although she so did not deserve faceplanting into a steel girder. The ram spirit thingy of the ruined city could have been a little interesting if practically anything about these spirits wasn’t incomprehsible twaddle. I don’t blame Layfon for trying to split its face in half one bit. The Anubis men made a brief appearance to chase it around, but it was chilling at Zuellni afterwards, so apparently they didn’t catch it.

The preview for next week was literally nothing but unknown boobs and butts… and one shot of Karian looking crazy. I seriously have no idea what this means.


Regios: Beach anime.

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19 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nazarielle says:

    Layfon’s heterosexuality would have been lost forever

    Yeah… that scene was coming dangerously close. D:

    she so did not deserve faceplanting into a steel girder.

    My thoughts exactly. Y U DO DIS?

    And damn Nina. She ruins everything. Why’d she have to catch stupid cat girl?

  • kiryuu says:

    I’d call the steel girder karma for getting Shante twice (and the only reason it looks like she was on Layfon’s shoulders is jealousy?)

  • Aroduc says:

    Poppycock. Shante deserved it. Even moreso now.

  • Honoo says:

    I heard that Layfon was “IMMA FIRN’ MAH LAZOR?”

  • Irie says:

    The near yaoi scene really seems like a mistep for the animators. Not that I have any problem with it just seems out of place. I guess this balances out the queen’s breast fetish.

    I was actually disappointed with the episode. Seems like it lacked depth. If they could have added some significant fight scene that might’ve helped. The goat e-spirit appearance was another disappointment. I expected a little more considering how powerful these things are. Having Layfon lose a little control would have been interesting. Use the supporting cast to brng him back to his senses.

    With so much to still tell, I hate next weeks filler episode. Won’t miss it but still, would love to see us get closer the meat of this story.

  • Yue says:

    what the!? O_o

    Honestly, this series has a “strange” way of hooking an audience and pulling in Fon~fon~fans. Is it the varying duet ending song? Mmmmmm…

  • SDS says:

    Whilst I haven’t read the novels, it seems Layfon still hasn’t realized his potential harem much less how to resolve it, if he does at all.

    I don’t mind ‘fillers’ if they add something to the characters which couldn’t be conveyed within the constraints of the animated adaptation of the novels. If its just some random filler then it begs the question why is it necessary?

    And i don’t think Nina ‘ruins’ episodes. She places a more idealized (possibly naive) perspective on things and has to come to terms with the world she lives in. Besides Layfon’s past uninhibited desire for survival presents a bit of a moral ambivalence.

  • Anonym says:

    Wow… Gorneo and Layfon…
    I thought that was pretty hot.

  • Blanca-chan says:

    is this a harem? and i had hopes for this one….

  • says:



  • Irie says:

    @sds – I tend to agree with you. Alot has been said about Nina’s moral position with respect to Layfon’s past actions. I simply attribute each to their past life experiences. Nina is part of an academy structure that functions on concrete rules necessary to prepare students for life in a city-state. Something like what we have in West Point or Anapolis. Layfon (although only 15 or 16) was a part of an elite military guard. He has enough real world experience to have tempered his moral views.

    Regardless, Nina’s rigid views do help tempur Layfon and possibly lead to his growth. For now, it looks like Nina is also growing and beginning to accept the reality of this world.

    Well. At least Felli gives us some terrific comedy relief. She’s the star of this series so far.

  • Yue says:

    If you propose that Fon~fon is going to grow much stronger on either physical or mental aspect then that would only increase his passive harem skills. ^_~

  • Tenshi says:

    I was wondering if anyone read the novels will that ram bond with layfon? Im just curious.

  • Irie says:

    @Yue – Yeah. I can see how frustrating these harems can get. Here is another perspective. All the female characters in layfons world have some quirk that keeps them from getting too close. Nina has some strong opinions that aren’t shared by Layfon. Felli can’t express herself well since emotions are kept so buried. Mei-Shen is too shy. Leerin hasn’t shown up yet but falls into that “childhood friend” category.

    Layfon is your typically harem magnet but no one is pushing the romance yet. When Leerin shows up, things will get a little more interesting.

    I haven’t read the novels so I’m just assuming.

  • chad001 says:

    …isn’t Leerin Layfon’s Girlfriends…otherwise, he’s either a skirt-chaser, or the orphanage has a strange greeting of mouth-to-mouth…

  • Anonymous says:

    Nina is the reason why her team is in the downs. I see little ounce of a team leader in her.

    Besides, her pissy attitude is just infuriating.

  • Lero says:

    PIc 35 Lelouch face
    That white haired girl reminds me Reinforce .

  • thecrasher says:

    i love the last pic screenshoot of the anime LOL… i read the manga n now seeing the movie.. i wonder when the anime would be show at local Television :P

  • lol says: