Chrome Shelled Regios #09 — You Smell Nice, Girly

March 7th, 2009


Your pickup lines need work, Layfon.


A pretty poorly paced episode, but still relatively entertaining. After rehashing the cliffhanger from last week, everybody just sort of wandered off. There were also some very awkward jumps between flashbacks and present with little warning. It did, however, only give about half the story of Layfon’s past and in the true spirit of random encounters, probably raised more questions than it answered. The Anubis-men were back, which somehow ended up in Shante going berserk. Their deal still hasn’t even been touched on at all so far. Whatever magical beastie thing is inside of Leerin also made a guest appearance to scare off some crazy guy who was obsessed with Layfon.

Speaking of him, I rather like how they’re presenting Grendan’s side of things so far. Even while they kicked Layfon out, they’re mostly still being presented as good and likeable folks. I’m with them anyway on Layfon’s exile. You really don’t want the queen’s bodyguards to be motivated by something other than loyalty to the queen. Who even cares about the honor and such? The personal bodyguard for the most important person in the country shouldn’t have a known price.

Strangely, the only Engrish this week came from Leerin’s letter. "I was aimed at" indeed.

Brief Summary:

Leerin goes about her life in Grendan while thinking about Layfon. As she talks to her father, they feel a presence, but it disappears.

Nina gets the full rundown on Layfon from Gorneo, that he was fighting for money and was exiled for it. Felli picks on Shante a little more.

Back in Grendan, the Heavens Blades investigate a murder. Leerin writes another letter to Layfon while Synola plays with her. Leerin senses something’s wrong and runs to her father. Synola orders Savaris to follow.

Layfon flashes back to Leerin’s father expressing his disappointment, bleeding into Nina doing the same. More of her complaining that he holds things back from her while he says that everything was to keep living.

In Grendan again, Leerin’s father is attacked by a mutated human looking for Layfon. It’s actually somebody that Layfon defeated in a Heaven’s Blade tournament by cutting off his arm. It attacks multiple times and breaks her father’s sword before knocking him out. Leerin falls into a trance and a golden lion thing appears and scares the man away. Leerin faints, but Synola is there to catch her. Savaris catches the monster in his strings and proceeds to go to town on the poor thing.

At Zuellni, Gorneo wakes up to find Shante missing. He sees the Anubis-men in the hallway, but when he follows, Shante appears and attacks in a berserk rage. He blocks her strikes, and then she knocks herself out on the ceiling.

Felli and Fon-fon share a moment of him saying that he hair smells nice. She’s curious about Grendan, but not the money… Leerin. She stops herself and blushes as soon as she says it. Layfon doesn’t give an answer, but extends his hand to help her up. She’s about to take it when Nina interrupts the nice moment to finish her talk with Layfon.


Brawl at the rundown regios.

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22 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nazarielle says:

    Bah, the fight in Grendan ended up just being Savaris toying with the poor mutated bastard. I was hoping it was going to actually be interesting.

  • Honoo says:

    @ Nazarielle: At least the poor mutated bastard does actually deserve to be toyed around if you check his past.

  • Honoo says:

    … Oh dang, I made a mistake on the italic tags. Why did I even forget that this is a blog

  • Yue says:

    Felli~sempai blushed!? +1000 Moe points. Woots. ^o^

  • Honoo says:

    @ Yue: Not only she blushes. You’ll see a smile from her in this episode, as the rest of us who watched the raws saw it. YAY!

  • Yue says:

    Realy!? OH MY!! [eyes glared shut on screen]

    Okay wait, I’m planning to buy CSR just like Macademi Dvds. May I know if this a 12 or 20+ episode series? ^o^

  • æ½® says:

    Mere inches from a Meishon-Leerin lesbian scene. Leelin’s father shouldn’t meddle with nature!

  • Irie says:

    Alot going on this week. Seems like Nina can’t quite accept Layfon’s past actions. I personally think it’s good character development having Nina wrestle with Layfon’s belief’s. Not sure I’ve seen too much emotional growth from Layfon. He’s comfortable with his reasons for participating in underground fights and accepted the consequences. I think when you are constantly exposed to life and death situations, your views tend to be different. Nina’s moral base is a reflection of her life to this point. A few more threats to the city and possibly some serious loss of life may change her views.

  • suv says:

    dude tht whtever white colored beast was it could cum frm queen alshyra not leerin only
    anyway in the manga it was said he wanted to earn money so tht children in his orphanage could eat well but they started hatin him aftr findin out and he was exiled

  • Diradem says:

    The white lion is from Leerin.
    She is something special thats why the queen
    looks after her. But i dont want to be
    spoilerish :)

    greetings Diradem

  • ma2ha3 says:

    white lion?? more like rabbit with big ears and tails.
    but if you want to call it lion, fine with me.

    I am sure that is the queen. everytime leerin look into the eyes of the queen, she see the lion(aka rabbit).

  • Irie says:

    I am guessing we have more than one spirit. One inside Leerin and another that hasn’t been introduced yet. If at all.

    In this image…

    …you will see Leerin’s spirt and another that looks like a deer or elk. It’s going to be interesting what role these spirits play and when (if) they are going to be introduced.

    Since the sub’s are out, Synola said “as expected of the fated one” when Leerin’s inner spirit protected her. There is obviously a reason the queen needs to protect Leerin and feels so strongly for Layfon. Leerin & Layfon have some sort of destiny to fulfill.

  • ma2ha3 says:

    yeah the dear coming next week. if the lion is the black hair gal from the past, the deer must be the guy with one eye from the past.

    maybe the two know what happen that change the world.

  • Diradem says:

    At the Ala Atra Scans forums we have a nice chat
    about information based on the novel and the manga.
    Take a look if you like.

    greetings Diradem

  • ma2ha3 says:

    why people keep saying that lion is leerin.

    i say lion is the queen.

    do you have any proof at all?

    it is very obvious, queen is lion.

  • Diradem says:

    Well maybe some people might have read the novella and do know things the anime has not shown yet.

  • ma2ha3 says:

    wow, if that is true, then i am mislead by anime version.

  • GGear0323 says:

    you are not really mislead, just thinking the wrong thing, it is not that Leerin sees the the Queen as the lion, it is just the Queen seeing the lion inside Leerin through her eyes, you know, “eyes being the window to the soul” and all

  • GGear0323 says:

    and little question, they make it seem like that monster thing, was the person that Layfon hurt to cover up his underground activities, but when it talks it just seems mad that that ‘child’ beat him and took a spot as a Heaven’s Blade. which is it?

  • fuz says:

    there is always more questions than answers in this anime…so far i think it’s really good though…lot of potential…i wish they were just a tad bit more clear cut

  • epy says:

    I may be in the minority here, but Nina’s self righteous attitude annoys me. Layfon already showed her up when she got on the high horse when the monsters attacked Zuellni, now she wants to kick him off the platoon? Man, I wish I could read the light novels.

  • Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    From what I understand Alseif participated in illegal Arena matches to earn money to keep living at the orphanage. You would think the Queen’s personal bodyguard would get paid enough to cover room and board.