ToraDora! #20 — PENIS!

February 18th, 2009


The Penis game is way more awesome for school bus trips than freakin’ Shiratori.


Well, on one hand, the angst level of this episode was down about 14 notches, so that made things quite a bit more enjoyable to watch for most of the episode. On the other hand, it seemed like the way they’ve decided to go forward is to have Ryuuji and Minori pretend like her shooting him down just didn’t happen at all. The only important thing of note that happened this episode was Taiga deciding to cut Ryuuji loose from taking care of her… which is somewhat ridiculous since they still end up together half the time because they’re neighbors and both want a slice of Kitamura pie.

I was still pleased with this episode though, because it had something that this show has been lacking for a couple weeks and the reason why I liked it to begin with: fun. Minori was silly, Ami was playful (mostly) as well as extra hot in her 80s frazzled hairbun-ponytail, teach was crazy, and lackey #01 repeatedly and forcefully explored his femininity in addition to harassing Taiga by making her say ‘penis.’ I certainly wouldn’t mind in the least if they kept the silliness up and the angst low for the remainder of the run, but I’m not taking any sucker bets here.


A school ski trip is such a liability lawsuit waiting to happen.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    80s frazzled hairbun-ponytail


  • Ryan A says:

    The 80s!

    Next episode we get snow bunny Ami… yesssss.

  • Yue says:

    Another 10/10 episode… but where’s the drama!? ~_~
    In the event of an avalanche next episode, what’s has the higher the chance; Ryuji being heroic or Kitamura as a naked snowbreaker?

  • TJ says:

    I was expecting some fallout from the last episode, but Ryuji conveniently got sick and then everyone just pretends that it never happened. Whatever. Nice to see ToraDora! returning it to its comedy roots.

    Ami with the ponytail = epitome of coolness lol

  • Azure says:

    Nice to see that things have gone back to the more lighthearted tone that made me like the show in the first place.

    A-min with that ponytail is just plain criminal.