Tales of the Abyss #22 — Hot Springs Episode!

February 28th, 2009


Just kidding, more angst.

Tired of waiting for a decent quality raw and this one’s been out for around 12 hours. You’ll live.


Ah, frightened martyr Luke’s segue into "I’m going to die of magical fonim cancer anyway, so I might as well kill myself" Luke. I swear, between Tear, Luke, and Asch, they’re practically 2/3rds of Shuffle’s inexplicably terminally ill-of-magic harem. At least there are only two more attempts at martyrdom for the Luke/Asch conglomerate before this show draws to its curious little end. They’re still going to have to majorly pick up the pace here though. For whatever inane reason, they decided to leave things at the Tower of Rem, take the needless backtrack to Daath to make sure everything was jive with the bosses, just to go back to Rem and continue what they were already in the process of doing. If anything could have or should have been cut ever, it was that moronic little bit.

Sadly, they decided that making sure we knew that the kings would grant refuge to the surviving clones was more important than Dist’s last stand, so the battle there consisted of Jade saying "Oho, now I’ll get serious" and one-shotting Dist with a Mystic Cage. I’m sure he’ll conveniently forget to use it against the upcoming bosses next episode, and apparently still hasn’t made it back to his episode 2 Indigination abilities. Come on, Jade, you’re massively underleveled here.

And they’ve decided to bring in Florian next week too… in case we haven’t had enough of Ion’s clones… because recall that Sync is still alive out there too. *sigh* Stupid Ion clones getting freakin’ everywhere. They’re worse than roaches.

Sarcastically Brief Summary:

Dist interrupts the gathering of replicas at Rem, only for Jade to Mystic Cage him off the side of the tower and explodes him. The party goes to the rulers and relays the terms. The replicas will sacrifice themselves to stop the miasma, but the countries must give refuge to those that survive. Luke will be the catalyst for it, meaning he’ll die in the process as well. Nobody’s happy about it, but Jade says that it’s the only way. At night, Anise tries to comfort Luke, saying that he has a right to live, just like Ion did. After that, Luke goes to Tear and confesses to her that he can’t stop shaking, he’s so scared of dying.

The next day, they go back to Rem and begin the rite. Asch tries to take Luke’s place, but Luke pushes him off and uses the Sword of Lorelei to start it. It doesn’t quite work, so Asch lends his power to Luke’s and the two purge the miasma together. All the replicas at Rem vanish in the aftermath. Luke wakes up and realizes that he’s alive, but notices that he’s starting to fade too. He hides it from the others as a gem materializes in his hands. Asch says that it’s the other part of the key of Lorelei that was in Luke’s body and leaves.

Luke comes out from his medical checkup and tells the others that his vitals are a little low, but he’s okay. They happily go trotting off, but Jade stays behind and tells Luke that he knows Luke is lying. Luke confesses his true condition. He doesn’t have long to live because of how his fonims are fonimating or what-have-you. Tear listens from the doorway.


Mohs, Florian, and Largon… oh my!

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  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Indignation, Largo, yeah.

    We’ll probably have Natalia’s Mystics Artes next episode, followed by Guy’s, Tear’s and then Luke’s at the final battle. Now I need to recheck what those are.

    And there’s probably no more spring.

  • burger says:

    Why the images are small ?