Tales of the Abyss #20 — And Now For Something Completely Different

February 13th, 2009


Sorry, plot. Arietta wants revenge!


Let us not discuss the embarassingly bad fight, or Mohs’ amazing plan to becoe a giant purple blob, or the reignition of Luke’s inferiority complex. Instead, let’s talk about something this show did well for a change. Arietta’s death was very excellently done. It does help that they haven’t really brought up too much that the original Ion was a giant jackass and Van’s croney in the game, so hell, if you don’t (well, didn’t) know that, it makes it all the more touching. I really do hope they don’t bring Ion’s useless next clone into this. Florion really serves no purpose and would just dilute some of the better scenes this show has actually had in the later going here. It’s sort of sad that the best parts of this show at the moment are all the deaths of side characters.

Of course, this touching scene was brought to us by totally abandoning the plot in progress to go and fight a tertiary character over a matter of misplaced honor, but hey, you know… you can’t throw an omlet all over the walls without breaking some eggs. The big reveals about Van still being alive and Largo some mysterious person who uses the archaic male formal who lost a locket on Mt Roneal during the avalanche being Natalia’s real father also seemed a bit underdone. Then again, in the game, Legretta shows up basically the moment the timeskip starts, shoots Asch in the gut and reveals almost everything. At least it looks like Asch will get his sucking gut wound next week, as opposed to just sucking.


I’m beginning to fear that we’ll never hit the Keterburg spa.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    Arietta!! Why does the loli have to die!!? Let’s kill Luke instead!! ^o^

  • shio says:

    Arietta. So young, so angry.

  • SageSoren says:

    Watch as, next episode, they totally forget Ion died. OTL

    I was kind of impressed that Anise’s doll actually got damaged in the fight. They always make it seem so indestructible.

    Arietta’s death scene was pretty. :C

  • Liz says:

    They should’ve had more episodes, because with just 26 this is the mess that happens. Gah, the potential of this show.

  • Karzsama says:

    we should remember that the animation studio is runrise,so maybe Arietta continues life.
    the last episodes will be interested.

  • Nadya Irena Habib says:

    uwaaah, why must arietta die!?, hiks….she is so innocent, i like her…Her life must be hard… =)