Tales of the Abyss #19 — I Think I’m a Clone Now

February 6th, 2009


Seeya, Ion.

At least until your next clone shows up.

Also as a side note, given how much they skipped this episode, and the sheer amount of random crap to do in the endgame… and that I’d rather be playing Vesperia anyway, I’m done recording scenes from the game.


Well, they skipped a ton this episode, which is somewhat confusing because there are only maybe two or three dungeons left in the game… not counting all the backtracking of course. At any rate, it skipped pretty much all of the Asch and "What a shocker, Van is still alive and wrecking the core" stuff to focus on Anise, Mohs, and Ion. I still think Anise’s betrayal is really really silly, especially given that they’re inside a cell and not even physically being menaced. Anise is the worst body guard ever if she can’t take out two grunts before they can get through a prison door. I guess it’s marginally less silly since we skipped the two or three dungeons of Jade making fun of Anise for acting excessively suspicious, but c’est la vie.

I also thought that after skipping about 95% of the "Tear’s infected by the miasma" scenes, Ion removing it from her as his dying gift seemed rather shoehorned in. Not that it wasn’t deus ex machina in the first place, but in this adaptation, it was introduced and then magically removed over about four episodes, so what was even the point of including it in the first place? I should also point out that for all the previous rambling about how the score is off-track, it seems to still be predicting this new world order just fine. Oh well, that’s a problem with the game as well.

No action or really anything of note to mention, sadly. I can still hold out vain hope for the Arietta/Anise showdown next episode, but somehow… I don’t think I’ll hold my breath. They’ve got to recram in the Asche and Van stuff somewhere after all. Along with Mohs shedding his cocoon and becoming the ugliest butterfly ever. Although I’m not really sure anything could be uglier than this particular shot. Ouch, Sunrise, ouch.


The most exciting thing in this preview was Guy and Natalia in new costumes.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or does that soldier look like Kiriya from Shinning Tears X Wind.

  • iidingoii says:

    [spoiler]Do you think they’ll animate professor N. turned into a badass monster?[/spoiler]

  • Runty says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! ION-SAMA!!!! *cries*

  • shio says:


    God, let’s hope so!