Slayers Evolution-R #05 — Chasing Butterflies

February 9th, 2009


Awwww… bye bye, Nama.


I expected better from this episode. They ‘killed’ off Nama, spent about half the episode chasing butterflies, and at the end of it, all they really got out of it was a poisoned Gourry. Zuuma then told them to go to Vezendi or ‘somebody will die,’ which is a strange thing to say considering that one of them is convulsing with pain. Either Gourry’s wound is a very bizarre red herring, or… I don’t even know what. Maybe he’s got Duclis somewhere. Or hopefully Filia. Naga’s laughing herself sick in a cardboard box in the middle of a jungle, so she’s not a hostage, but I don’t think she’s out of this one yet. She went berserk and even summoned the demon dragon when the word ‘assassin’ was used, but it was mostly directed at Zuuma, so even despite the red ruby eyes, I really doubt it was any kind of magical control. They’ve got to explain that at the very least, so I’m sure she’ll be back to save the group at some point, even if it’s just because they’re between her and some treasure.

Very little else of note happened though. Poko still believes that Rezo’s a good guy, pissing of Zel, and the party wonders about the nature of the pots in regards to sealing gods or mazoku. Xellos could be after them the same as he was after the Claire Bible’s back in Next, but he didn’t actually seem to care too much about the pot until Nama threatened to drop the ceiling on everybody. Who can ever really tell with him though. It’s only really clear that he’s using Zuuma for his own purposes. Oh well, on to Vezendi.



When assassins attack.

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