Casshern SINS #20 — Wilted Rose

February 16th, 2009


Oh? Something having to do with the plot?


It was rather frustrating to have Luna about 100 yards away for almost the entire episode, and then have the entire thing focused on Dune, with pretty much nothing indicating that she’s the real Luna. Or at the very least, she’s a very corrupt Ivory Tower version of the idea of Luna. She can heal things, but she hates anything and everything touched by the world’s decay and has absolutely no pity or respect for the dead. Either that, or she’s getting some killer feng shui from the giant pile of half dead robots behind her cave. 

This would be surprising… if I hadn’t called something like this about two months ago. It’s a little disappointing that they haven’t even fooled the relatively braindead Casshern. I suppose that they could be building her up a little bit as the real end villain with some kind of twisted purification plan for the world, but… well… actually… that does sound kind of interesting.

While this episode was still somewhat slow and featured Dune’s 3rd apparent death scene so far (but who’s counting?), it was still miles ahead of the last couple months. The action was alright, but about on par with the slower episodes from the first half of the show. It was a step in the right direction though, so I’m hoping they build on that momentum a little more, although it looks like the show’s going to skirt around them directly confronting Luna about everything going on next week as well. Hopefully they’ll prove me wrong.


Let’s bring the whole cast into this why not?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    The truth is… Casshern will decide that Luna is the best candidate as his girlfriend. ^o^

  • Anonymous says:

    Casshern has plot?

  • TJ says:

    We all know Dune is unkillable… he’ll be back lol.

  • DK says:

    Wow, Luna’s a bitch. But I guess it goes with being exposed to a decade or so of ruin.