Tomorrow’s Yoichi #04 — Bokus and Beatings

January 29th, 2009


Why can’t we go back to Ibuki being friendly?

First off, I got halfway through Black God this week and stopped. There’s not a single character I care about in the slightest, and the fight quality has been fast approaching Yoichi’s.


Another in this show’s parade of decent, if completely unremarkable episodes. I continue to really dislike the direction they took with Ibuki, and Yoichi actually dropped a rank or two in my eyes by going to a middle school and beating up kids there. Yes, they bullied Chihaya, no, I don’t think physically assaulting them with a weapon was the proper recourse to take and you’re not going to win any points from me. It’s hard to be the paragon of justice when you’re beating up people who are younger than you and not fighting back. Way to go, bushido boy.

Ibuki though… meh. I’m honestly not really certain what they’re even trying to do with her anymore. She flips out and turns into a violent psychopath at the least provocation, then smiles and says "thank you" half the time for whatever conduct she previously was trying to beat him for. She’s seriously being more abusive and bipolar than Ayame here, which is somewhat sad since poor Ayame doesn’t stand a chance. Ibuki even physically beat her students for gawking at her sort of exposed breasts. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, even in Japan. I’m glad that she still mostly likes him, but we’ve reached the point where Ayame is being a lot more open with her affection for Yoichi than she is. Almost total role reversal after about four episodes, and the lovesick one doesn’t stand a chance. Le sigh…

Not much to summarize this week and I’m still kind of worn out from Rakkyo yesterday. Chihaya secludes herself in manga, teases Yoichi, and then he beats up some boys who were bullying her. Meanwhile, Washizu spends the entire episode spazzing out in front of their home.



Yoichi finds love.

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  • Random Person says:

    Well, this is based off of the manga so alot of this in the episodes have actually happened in the manga. Alot of times Ibuki will be violent against Yoichi for just her stupid misunderstanding of him being a pervert and her own stupidity and naivette. So far they reached maybe to the point in the manga where they just reached the ‘Chihaya pretending to be Chihaya’ the first and second Chihaya chapters. Though one slight complaint I have is that they are randomly mixing some of the chapters together like this and altering the manga’s original concepts of some sequences like Washizu’s ‘star hands’ instead of the knife. Or leaving some stuff out…

    (Anyway)Next time on Asu no Yoichi: Yoichi falls in love? Ibuki’s own feelings. Find out next time what Ibuki does to Yoichi in Asu no Yoichi: Episode 5.

  • Mr. T says:

    I Miss the old emo-gay days with Nabari no Ou … yes, that´s a thing uncalled for, but still … Yoite WILL NOT beat up kids. He could knit, but he was no abuser.

  • Yue says:

    Ayame~chan > Ibuki~chan

  • Silver says:

    Aww…. to me it’s actually:

    Ibuki~chan > Ayame~chan

    Not due to her violence of course but to other stuff later on. Ayame is alright thought but I like Ibuki more.

  • Ragnarok164 says:

    Ayame~chan > Ibuki~chan

    Me too. I don’t really like characters like Ibuki in general.

  • Random Person says:

    Ayame-chan > Ibuki-chan

    I’m getting tired of girl leads getting the guy when there is another one who is honestly trying more than the lead

  • Anonymous says:

    please tell me there’s tsundere end in the manga

  • Silver says:

    Hehe. It’s still Ibuki~chan > Ayame~chan for me.

    I tend to like that type of girls in general. Beside, the show just started so we won’t know exactly how it will be yet. So far, it had not developed the characters that much yet until later. Also, I don’t really consider any of the girls the lead since they pretty much are all the main characters anyway.

  • irie says:

    You know, I got the impression Ibuki is unable to handle her romantic feelings for Yoichi. It seems her violent episodes come when she feels jealous. This is a bit of a departure from the manga. These mood swings are better left to Ayame and if I remember correctly, Ibuki was the more centered sister. Nothing like this psycho we are seeing.

    It’s still a fun series but isn’t nearly as good as the manga. I think they should have reconsidered this interpretation. The romantic tension between characters doesn’t seem there or it’s somewhat crude.

  • Tensho says:

    Next ep, you’ve been punked.

  • Silver says:

    @ Irie

    It’s true what you are thinking. The anime made her more violent as a joke it seems like how Louise or Taiga is. In the manga she is a lot less like that in the manga. She really is more like the older sister who takes care of everything. At least Ayame stays more true to the manga than Ibuki has. Hopefully they don’t change anything too much in the next episode.

    Although the series so far is enjoyable, I hated how they changed certain things such as Angela and how Washizu was using those spike things which is a lot less realistic than when he was using a knife.

  • iidingoii says:

    f**** all these kids. Angie FTW she is a goddess!

    also shame on the animators for leaving the bed scene out!!!

  • Yue says:

    Ayame~chan > Ibuki~chan

    Justifiable thoughts and actions make Ayame~chan more sensible than Ibuki~chan as far as the anime goes.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause trouble among Ayame and Ibuki fans.

  • Silver says:

    @ Yue

    Hehe, as long as there is both Ibuki and Ayame fans then it’s great. Well, of course all the other fans too including Yoichi and Washizu fans. I’m definitely a Yoichi fan since he’s actually really cute at times. Not too much of a Washizu fan but definitely don’t hate him at all since his visions are great.

    @ iidingoii

    Yeah it’s too bad they left the bed scene. It’s where she was really cute and funny too when she was said “help me…” helplessly to the sisters although she was sneaking in to attack him.

  • khronus says:

    From what I’ve seen Ibuki’s pretty much the same as in the manga. She was always overly violent to the point that I started rooting for the less violent but still very shy tsundere Ayame. Though Angie’s good too, I wouldn’t mind Angie being the victor in the end.

    As far as Yoichi beating up ‘kids’. As I recall Yoichi’s 2nd year high school along with Ibuki, Ayame’s first year, and Chihaya’s 3rd year middle. That means Yoichi fought with a couple of kids two years his junior. Not that big a difference to be freaking out about. Same thing if a 3rd year high school student is picking on a 1st year.

  • Loz says:

    You know when Washizu’s friend kept saying “out”, did he mean that he looked gay?