Tales of the Abyss #18 — Game’s Over, Everybody Go Home

January 31st, 2009


Is there a word for an anti-cliffhanger?


Well, there wasn’t much that they could have done to make this particularly interesting aside from investing in the big ‘final’ battle, and they didn’t even do that. A couple sword clashes, Guy hops in, Jade casts… Turbulence (Turbulence, dude? You cast Thunder Lance last episode… at least hit him with Ground Dasher here, if not a Mystic Cage) and then Luke scored a critical hit on Van’s shirt. Apparently that was enough to convince Van to throw himself into the core. They cut out most of the rest of the pre-‘final’ battle conversations, but I think that Tear angsting alone in her room actually drove home her emotions over fighting Van better than her little cheerleader speech for Luke. They kept Natalia’s (well, more or less), and she’s really the only important one.

All that still doesn’t change the ridiculousness of Van waiting for them at an organ before spouting off crazily. The only thing that could have made that scene more ridiculous would have been putting Van in a hat made entirely of fruit. Let’s also not forget the inane timeskip after Lorelei tells Luke and Asch to save it (ignoring that two people just leapt into the core where it lives of course) to go lazily sleep at home. He didn’t even remember to tell anybody about the closest thing that the world has to a god begging him to save it. Congratulations, Luke… you’re a flipping moron.



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