Tales of the Abyss #17 — We Hates The Replica!

January 24th, 2009


No! We wants to make the replicas!

Make up your mind, Van.


I should really just stop caring about this and finish off my playthrough. While the fight against the God-Generals was pretty well done, it was 50 seconds long before Jade decided to cause an avalanche. It was amusing to see them do a brief montage of the other Sephiroths that they skipped previously. There’s 5 dungeons or so covered in about 30 seconds. At least they managed to work in the Dist scene with Jade on the way through Keterburg. Earlier in the game, the party blew off Dist when he broke the Albiore II and just fixed it instead on one of the innumerous trips through Daath. He waited for Jade until he caught hypothermia and passed out. Here, Dist is just sort of hanging out. It certainly makes Jade seem a little less sadistic when he’s torturing an idiot instead of somebody half-dead and unconscious.

Nothing special or interesting on the plot front, even if you haven’t played the game though. Tear thinks that Van’s infected by the miasma too, but when your goal is global genocide, I don’t think you’re too worried about having cancer. Then they go around to set up all the sephiroths, before heading to Roneal and finish off the last one, taking out the last four God-Generals on the way… at least until they all show up again for the end of the game. Like anybody would really believe that an avalanche would kill them offscreen.

Sadly, it’s a little hard to tell how far they’ll get next week. I’m already rolling my eyes at Van waiting for them while playing an organ in the middle of what basically amounts to a giant ancient chimney.




Preparation and journey through the Absorption Gate.

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One Lonely Comment

  • SageSoren says:

    I’m diggin’ the Anise foreshadowing. Half of TotA’s plot is suspended by stupidity. It’s kind of sad. If Jade and Ion had shared half of the stuff they figured out beforehand, it would have saved everyone a lot of trauma.

    Legretta’s brave for wearing that outfit in the snow, though. Wtf.