Casshern SINS #17 — Slow Descent Continues

January 26th, 2009


Basement’s the limit.


Another boring episode. Leda plays a broken piano in a lake before terrorizing some kids who have the Crystal of Nyarlathotep stuffed inside them. Casshern shows up. Terrible fight that makes anything from the first 13 episodes look brilliant resulting in Leda getting a scratch on her face (and now probably a complex over it), all the kids die to summon a horrific avatar of an elder god. Unless that thing in the preview is meant to be some other robot child. It’s kind of hard to tell. It’s been a month since they showed ‘Luna’ alive and wandering around, but have gone absolutely nowhere and done absolutely nothing with it. Instead, we’ve now had four weeks of Ringo Ringo Ringo. Ringo sucks. If you wanted to make a show about a horrifying little girl who has a robot buddy who sometimes beats things up, make that. I don’t think anybody thought to themselves, "You know what would make Casshern great? More little girls."

*sigh* Sadly, next week looks like more of the same, plus Lyuze turning naked and glowy. If only Casshern had crushed Ringo’s head when he had the chance. Man, has this show been quagmired in a rut since this season started.


It’s more hideous than a thousand… wait… haven’t I said that before?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Cross says:

    They have it slotted in for 20+ episodes, and……they make this?


    If only they did crush Ringo’s head. DAMN YOU CASSHERN.

    Get to the fucking action and real story! Seriously, though, who’s the director for this?

  • antimateria says:

    So they’re going to reveal something about Leda’s past as a human. I was expecting this, since the movie did the same thing with Burai (but only in two and half hours and still nothing happened in it).

    I’m not sure if Leda even has a left eye. A little skratch on left cheek stopped her in an instant and like you said, complex material.

  • TJ says:

    Come on, the episode wasn’t that bad… okay, the fight sucked, and there’s a lot of randomness, but at least we learned something about Leda and saw on go on an narcissistic fit. alright maybe it is that bad.

  • lol says:

    is it just me, or in 16:50 or so, Leda is not actually hitting Casshern with the sword thing, just swinging it over his head?