Casshern SINS #15 — The Colors!

January 12th, 2009


The helmet… It does nothing!

Five seven shows is too damn many for one day. Good lord.

I’d wait a little longer for a better rip, but last week, that meant Tuesday. I watch stuff windowed anyway so I can take notes.


Well, second worst thing I watched today, but don’t take it too personally, since ZKC, Slayers, and Minami were excellent, and Spidey is freakin’ Spidey, even if Mysterio is a little lame. At least he ripped off Mysterio’s arm and used it to decapitate another Mysterio. Snow bunny Liz making the power play too, eh?

Back on point, not the most important of episodes no matter how you slice it. Casshern and Lyuze come across Dune, and after spending about 5 minutes talking about him, Lyuze finally looks at his face and realizes who he was, prompting some recap about Dune being Luna’s guardian yada yada. What this episode really did was cement Lyuze as Casshern’s woman once and for all. She tripped and Casshern literally caught her in a dance dip, prompting blushing and gratitude. He then saved her when they were ambushed and she proceeded to stand around uselessly during Dune and Casshern’s brief squabble and lament everybody fighting each other. Weren’t you an assassin a month ago? Now you’re slightly less useful than the dog.

I was pretty disappointed in the fight again this week. Lots of sounds of Dune’s blades, but very little actual motion. They also had an EXTREME CLOSEUP sequence of Dune’s head in the middle of the fight that became Casshern’s head that became a cloak that became a leg. It makes about as much sense as you think. If they had at least used a bit more contrast through the episode as a whole, it probably would have improved things. Once I got tired of blue, everything turned green, then blue, then pink, then a blazing orange. The art did look a bit better than usual, but I think that’s because they just drew a lot of ground this episode and focused on being all artistic instead of drawing… well… scenery.

Also along those lines, you are so not fooling anybody writers. Gee, I wonder who the ‘real’ Luna is… the mysterious little girl in a space helmet who is in touch with nature? Or the bot with a messiah complex living in a cave? Yeah, Ringo is going to be a real shocker when she’s revealed to be the true goddess or wherever the hell they’re going with her.


Lelouche arrives to fight the decay.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Gummi says:

    Lol on the next episode hahaha its Zero or Lelouch.

  • Yumegari says:

    In the preview: wasn’t that big robot (next to Lelouch) with Sophita? I want her back…

    During the episode, I was almost certain that Lyuze would take one of those glass pieces to make that little something she had in the first ed. To commemorate her frst night with Casshern.

    Even though the fight wasn’t as spectacular as usually, kudos for at least trying to make each fight look slightly different than others. Thank God it’s not Dragon Ball (even if sometimes it looks a little like that)

  • sage says:

    Dear God, when do they kill it?!

  • Anonymous says:



  • Shippoyasha says:

    You complain about FIVE shows a day? GOOD LORD.

    For me, it’s more like 10 a day. At least.

  • antimateria says:

    I really liked the music that played at the end of Ringo in the field -scene. The whole scene was somehow Miyazaki-like. But I was never very fond of that Dune guy and expected him to be one of those singe-story characters and die alone off-screen… in the end he just crawls away just like he did last time. Well. At least the fight looked pretty.

  • TJ says:

    I agree the fight was only so-so, but the scenery was pretty unique… walking on blue-tinted stained glass.

    and Dune just can’t be killed. Probably setting him up for another appearance near the end.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really liked that fight. Ok the choreography is not the most dynamic of the series, but the atmosphere with the colors, the flashbacks, the music etc was great. Very beautiful job. One of my favorite episodes.

  • lol says:

    Well, we now know ringo is paired up with the old man (yes i know, im feeling sick too). Death god gets luna tang, and Casshern gets lyuze.