Penguin Girl ♥ #20 — Cure Penguin Evolves to Magical Pengy

November 1st, 2008


Personally, I liked the Cure costume more.


I’m waiting for the big reveal about the crazy woman. I’m assuming that she’s just Pengy’s long lost crazy mother, or maybe an older sister or aunt. Even for a crazy sadist lesbian with a whip, the series has yet to have anybody actually be evil and I doubt they’re starting three episodes from the end. Overall though, this episode really didn’t have a ton of comedy. At least the action was passable, though certainly not amazing. The nine minute episode length is still way too short too. Certainly a step up from last week, but still far shorter than it deserves to be. I want to see what Pengy will actually be able to do now that she’s "serious" (whatever the hell that means for her). Hopefully next week won’t just be a short episode with her fight before ending with Kujira reaching the top of the tower to save her bacon as usual.

Penguin Cure takes the stage and redeclares that she’ll rescue Marie.

Inside, the big bad blushes at how adorable "her Sakura" is. Marie demands to know what the hell is going on, and the woman responds by destroying Marie’s handcuffs and saying that she’s no longer needed. 

Marie’s pissed off at being used as just a pawn and tries to attack, but the woman easily dodges and then punches her in the stomach, knocking her down. She kicks Marie once and then snaps her fingers. The lights turn on, revealing the entire room filled with pictures of Pengy, including a giant naked statue of Pengy.

The woman blushes again at the beauty of Pengy. Marie again asks what the hell is up. The woman says that she’s in love with Pengy and hugs herself. She’s been watching Pengy all this time. She starts stomping on Marie more until Whitebear passes out.

Pengy finally gets around to entering the mansion and the woman turns to her. At some point, Pengy changed her clothes into a cat eared magical witch, Magical Pengy. She declares again that she’ll rescue Marie before she sees Marie unconscious on the ground. She runs towards her, but the woman appears out of nowhere and hugs her. Pengy is surprised, and the woman licks her neck. Pengy throws her off in panic and finally sees that the room is filled with pictures of her. She puts two and two together and calls the woman a stalker.

Evil lady pulls out a whip and attacks Pengy, flaying off some of her clothes.

Outside, Nene shakes Xia Ci until she wakes up. They hear Pengy’s shriek from inside.

The woman repeatedly whips Pengy on the floor, laughing crazily all the while. Nene suddenly appears behind her and holds a needle at her neck.


The woman just smiles and declares that anybody who gets in the way of her love for Pengy won’t be forgiven before leaping away and whipping Nene. Xia jumps in to attack, but is repulsed and knocked out. The woman presses a button on her whip and the room starts to fall apart.

Pengy and the woman are shot upwards on a thorned tower, leaving all the others far below.

The woman says that they’ll have so much fun together, making Pengy cower and cover her exposed chest. 

Pengy suddenly sees Marie, and remembers that she’s here to save her. She gets serious and pulls a ribbon off the back of her hair.

Down below, Maguro and Nene try to climb the tower, but fall back down from the thorns/uncertain footing. It’s useless.

Kujira appears behind them, along with Kaede and Seb. Everybody’s happy to see her. They tell her that Pengy’s up above. Kujira tears off parts of her shirt and uses them to bandage up her hands.

Up above, Pengy ties the ribbon into a headband and declares that she’ll use Etorafu Power to defeat the Stalker. The two stare each other down.



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  • Haesslich says:

    Yoshinoya-sensei is HOT.

    I mean… “Pengy”.