Ga-rei -Zero- #08 — Return of the Dodongo

November 23rd, 2008




A pretty boring first half of the episode, but an excellent second half. We learn that Mei’s being pretty much completely controlled by the Death Gem (or however you feel like translating sesshouseki) now implanted in her chest, and whenever she starts to shake off its influence, all her old wounds come back and she starts dying again. It doesn’t seem like it completely controls her though, just brings out all her suppressed evilness. Her family ends up seizing pretty much all of Yomi’s stuff, including her home and sword, and then she calls Yomi out to finish the job, but starts shaking off the Gem again (unfortunately for her, after ranting about how much she hates Yomi and killer her father), letting Yomi get the upper hand. Even though she sees the Gem in Mei and Mei is pleading for her life, Yomi kills her… only to be attacked and killed (well, however you want to put her massively censored piercing) by butterfly boy.

So now really, the question is about Yomi’s ultimate fate. It seems a pretty done deal that in episodes 1 and 2, she was under the influence of the Gem and I imagine that she’ll probably shake it off to either let Kagura kill her or just kill herself, but I’m certainly open to being surprised either way. We could practically be at episode 1 by this point too. The GIANT ROLLING CG DINOSAUR made its grand return, and Yomi’s been kicked out of practically everything. We’ll probably get an episode or two about her going ‘missing’ and/or leaving the extermination squad in some manner, along with fallout from Mei’s disappearance/death, and then we’ll be in exactly the right spot to connect to episode 1.

Also, how funny is it that Yomi slashed Mei’s chest, but the cloth ripped vertically for maximum fanservice effect?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ryan A says:

    Yomi going out, felt similar to that of Asuka in EoE… just nothing she could do. First half was just depressing, but better than last weeks first half.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s gotten a little ridiculous now. I mean, two episodes ago, Yomi’s major rival was just randomly killed and now, at the end of this one, Yomi’s dead. Seems rushed and really too paralleled. I remember in Ga-Rei that Yomi turned to the sesshouseki out of envy over Kagura’s excelling ability in battle and she was just not able to match up. If it’s like this, it means none of that really happened and all the ranting about being weaker than Kagura was just sesshouseki possession. Lame.

    Also, Yomi going out like that was terrible. It’s like that little boy is just a total godmode. If that’s the case, Kagura and Kensaku wouldn’t be completely owning him and Setsuna. Well, they’ll eventually anyway.

    Although, the bunch of spikes shooting into her is pretty much how Asuka dropped so yea, I got that part. Asuka did have a chance, but she lost her confidence when that Angel messed with her head. If not for that, and the fact that she was terribly outnumbered, I think she could’ve won. Berserker Eva and all that. Same with Yomi. What the hell happened to Nui? Got camera shy? Seriously, I’m sure its hide could’ve withstood those spikes and a Ranguren wouldn’t have been too shabby on boy wonder over there.

    Anyway, I favour the manga much more. =\

  • passer-by says:

    Seems like we’re really getting back on track to episode 1 *nod* Banzai!! Anyways, most likely in that scene she’s not completely dead since I remember in the manga there was a bit where she was all beat up and butterfly boy offered the sesshouseki to her XP Maybe we’ll get that scene next episode?

  • Totali says:

    Shirt ripped open to reveal glowing stone….and boobies. Yup….she really looks like she’s in pain to me.