Ga-rei -Zero- #06 — Oh Hey, Violence Again

November 9th, 2008


Delicious dismemberment.


Well, on one hand, this is easily the best episode since the first couple. We’re finally back to the violence and action that made the series attractive in the first place. Butterfly boy also finally showed up to… kill Mei. I wouldn’t count her as certainly dead just yet, but I’m kind of confused about her character in general. They introduce her as Yomi’s jealous and somewhat crazy-looking cousin last episode, she saves Yomi and Kagura’s bacon from a mirror clown at the start of this episode, and then she gets stabbed in the gut with her own glaive. So… what was the point of her again?

I’m also not quite sure what was up with the possessed teacher really. From the way her arm was flopping around, I assumed that she was actually a monster up until they showed that she had just been grabbed by one of the face huggers. Therefore the arm was… filled with residual face hugger goo? I have no idea. While we’re on that scene, the fanservice there was really stupid. In the middle of a tense, dramatic scene, I don’t think a close up on a pair of high school breasts rubbing against each other quite fits in with the mood.

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  • Anonymous says:

    glad to see the series is starting to you know… cover some of the plot…