Ga-rei -Zero- #05 — Stop Fiiiiiiiiiighting!!

November 2nd, 2008


Whine more, Kagura. Whine more.


Yes. This is how you recapture the interesting bits of Yomi slicing people up. You have an episode where Kagura is sad that Yomi and Noriyuki don’t get along and concocts a terrible plan to make Yomi jealous over Noriyuki and therefore fall in love with him. I take back what I said last week. Lesbian antics weren’t the furthest thing that I expected. This was far and beyond my wildest animation for the show. If you had told me after episode 1 or 2 that a month later, we’d be going through family/team cliches so bad that even Kyouran Kazoku Nikki didn’t touch them, I’d have laughed at you.

Apparently this time, the joke’s on me. Ugh. Let’s get back to the violence and monsters here. Please. This wasn’t even silly quasi-incestual groping. This was just… generic, predictable, and awful. At least Mei looks like she might bring a little insanity back to the series. Maybe. Or she’ll learn a valuable lesson about family and give up her grudge against her cousin. God, I hope next episode is about that and not… say… the Naboo twins having a spat or some crap. The fact that I’m worried it’s going to rip episode ideas from Ouran is not a good thing.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Myssa Rei says:

    Hhmm, I know that all of this is supposed to be a prelude to Yomi’s inevitable descent into evil but… Uh, I can’t see how this leads to it. I mean, it’s a pre-arranged wedding squabble.

  • kearsie says:

    from what I can tell the only real significance of this epsiode is to explain why yomi wears that kimono in the manga after becoming an evil spirit.

    And for anyone that haven’t noticed. There’s only one nabu in the manga, so either this is a plot poiint or one of them died before the other. Same deal with all those other characters, I guess.

    I still don’t know how this series is going, seeing as how they introduced so much backstory (ep1 characters) to another story that’s supposed to be backstory to the manga, and five episodes in without any explanation. It feels kind of disorientating but if you ignore everything, they are proceeding fine in the anime. Aroduc is just a whiner :<

  • Ryan A says:

    Cookies~ I like it, just makes the turn of events more dramatic, though I’ve no clue of the manga, I’m guessing it begins with the leverage of episode 2 at hand. WHERE IS THE VIOLENCE!!!

  • Omisyth says:

    Meh, I’ve given up on 1-2 Ga-rei. Will simply laugh at cliches from now on.

  • Anonymous says:

    That battle aura build up was worth watching though.

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