Vampire Knight – Guilty #01 — The Vampire’s Kiss

October 6th, 2008

I’m still not certain I can make it through this one…


Not really a ‘new’ show perse, so I’ll skip the usual stuff. It’s basically the exact same as I remember it, picking right up where the show left off more or less with a few flashbacks to remind us of generally what happened towards the end of the season, but definitely not too heavy on the recap. Half the world thinks that Zero’s the one that killed Shizuka and vampires are coming after him now, and Yuuki is recoiling from Kaname (good for you, girl) for any number of reasons, which means that Kaname’s angsting it up now too. At least Zero almost kissed her at the end, then settled for nuzzling her shoulder. Only another 12 episodes before that gets resolved I assume.

I was getting pretty jaded with this one by the end of the first season though, so I’m not sure I could last through another season, especially if they’re starting off with the heavy angst instead of the wacky vampires. Still, I believe that there are only two shows of note airing on Mondays this season (the other being ef, which is going to be covered by everybody and their dog… and I couldn’t really stand watching the first one serially anyway), so I may give it a spin, though definitely do not hold me to that. At least the ED is kind of catchy, even if it’s 90 seconds of Yuuki in a curtain writhing around sexually in the sand. The new OP… bleh. Whatever. Sorry, couldn’t rip them. Huge A/V desync issues that I don’t have the patience to fix at the moment.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • moonatica says:

    you have all the episode here!
    i’m waiting the subs…
    I already Saw it on youtube
    nice work!

  • Zafíra says:

    Wow… This is my favourite anime! This is the BEST!!!
    Kaname is a badboy, but I LOVED him!! -.-

  • juliet says:

    wat do u think at the end? who will be with yuki?

  • Zafíra says:

    I think Yuki and Kaname is the best couple.

  • Soph says:

    Id prefer Zero with Yuki, Kaname creeps me out- he’s like her brother and he is a Shifty character 2

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the whole idea of vampire knight.I think Kaname is hot as well as Zero, though i think Yuki will end up being with Zero,or niether. Maybe she will become a vampire herself, guess we will have to wait and see.

  • jesse says:

    too bad [spoiler]yuuki and kaname are brother and sister!!!! [/spoiler]
    which is soo grosss beyond comprehension!!!!

  • Touga Yagari says:

    Say you going to post the next season? I need to know what episode Young Kaname shows up in