Kyouran Kazoku Nikki #26 — I am Spartacus!

October 4th, 2008


No, I am Spartacus!


Well, at least the show has finally been put out of its misery, even if this episode was about 3 minutes of Kyouka ranting and 15 minutes of "family is important" speeches. Good lord was that awful. First Ouka gave one in a complete retcon of the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode, then Yuka hopped on board and the rest of the family gave their "I’m the evilest and therefore true Child of Enka" speech before Kyouka popped out in control of the water. A brief interlude to try to force a competition over the King later, Oasis joined the fray, bitching out them all over love, and then once she flooded the King, Gekka teleported them into space for yet some more talk about mushy feelings before sending the irritation across the galaxy. But wait, that’s not all. Kyouka tried to sneak off, only to get yet another "we’re your important family" speech to end it. Good lord. Give it a rest.

So the nonsensical ‘plot’ comes to an end and this is how the show finishes up. Whoopie doo. I’d have been more a fan if somebody (anybody) had destroyed the Earth and then Gekka deus ex machinaed it back into existence because then I’d have at least had the satisfaction that Kyouka would have been dead for a brief time. Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about this atrocity any more. Let’s just move on to the wrapup.

Final thoughts at the botto.


Final Thoughts:

If there was one thing to remove from the show to improve everything, it would be Kyouka, and that’s really the biggest failing with the show. Never mind the totally under-used Raichou, the plethora of throwaway characters, the nonsensical plots, or the family speeches… Kyouka was an assault on the brain and ears that was getting old by the end of the first episode and just kept on hammering away at my cerebellum through the show’s entire run. Other characters ended up following this trend, and even above and beyond the very odd speech patterns that most used, that really stretched the limits of my Japanese (and often went past them), especially when the plot got especially incomprehensible.

The humor did have its moments, but they were often quickly soon drowned out by Kyouka’s ranting, and the humor all but disappeared by the end of the show. At the start, when the plans were to create wild and out of control schemes in order to accomplish… whatever… it was enjoyable and you only had to suffer through a minute or two of pithy "family is important" nonsense every episode. As the show went on though, things gradually drifted away from crazy characters in crazy scenarios to crazy scenarios with angsty characters. I’m still not even certain that I really understand what the point of that Vitamin C episode and that was one of the better ones towards the end.

So, like many comedies, this is another show that pretty much forgot about being funny and instead of going with its strengths, drifted further and further into the field of ‘serious business,’ despite being woefully unqualified for that. It was fun at the start, and even halfway through, there were still episodes more enjoyable than irritating, but the outright and total collapse for the past month makes it really hard to say too much positive here. I’ll remember it as "that show with the annoying catgirl that gave me a headache," which isn’t quite the ideal lasting impression you want to give to your audience.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Reikalover says:

    KKN’s light novels are about the same amount of crazyness, and they are very popular in Japan, as were the TV series (I believe that one episode even had a 2.9 rating which is very impressive for a late night show). I guess season 2 will depend on the DVD sales, because Nomad pulled an open ending like Rozen Maiden here… BTW, where is my season 3?

  • james says:

    I think the overly bizarre nature and trying to hard to be serious is the charm of the series. It’s like Dirk Gentley’s holistic detective agency.

  • AGear2Ax says:

    And KKN end with a total amount of 0 Raichou action…

  • Kanako says:

    lol this series has alot of funny moments
    i laughed my ass off at the santa episode haha

  • Myssa Rei says:

    Given the fact that Kyouran is tagged as a SHOUNEN light novel series (instead of the Seinen stuff we’re used to seeing in adaptations) I’d say that the amount of crazyness is expected, since you’re supposed to cater to the gnat-like attention spans of young boys.

    I still found the show very enjoyable, as it was funny, certainly DIFFERENT, and 9-parts insane. Hope to see an OAV or sequel in the future, as the books progress.

  • "Gottwald" says:


  • Anon says:

    All matter of opinion. The randomness and craziness of this anime either makes you love it or hate it.

  • ass McGrass says:

    I still liked the actually good parts but oh well. does anyone know how far the novels go?

  • Sonia says:

    I really loved the anime! Was awesome!
    Specially Kyouka.
    The last episode was really good.
    And the craziness of this anime is what made me interested until the last minute. I really hope that will be a second season.
    Would be awesome.

  • Zweiterversuch says:

    Well…I liked it…
    It is bad at some points but it has some good ideas behind all those…eh…weird events. (Ouka’s past, the underground empire, the skull-girl, etc etc…)

    But I have to ask this:…Am I the only one that thinks that kyoka’s mouth resembles popeye’s?

  • Nana says:

    I’ll second Sonia on Kyouka. Other family members are too mellow and understanding, it would be a bit dull and more like those slow-motioned-in-depth slice of life stories. I know Allison to Lillia is a hit-off with other friends of mine who likes anime, but when previewing both first episodes, I’d dumped Allison to Lillia for this funkness.

    I hope they make a second season too. There are lots of questions not answered.

    1. What is Kyouka /Kyoukya/ Vanessa background on the underground empire?

    2. Did Kyouka know who she is, I mean, who is Odessa who takes the throne she left, when she does not even remember her?

    3. All of the episodes have certain Midarezaki’s story. Why Ginka don;t have one?

    4. How Ouka knew the Grim Reaper II and the girl who was among the scientist who created Black Thirteen?

    5.Others who lost their parents end up in relative’s or orphanage home. Why he end up there?

    6. Is Million one of the Himemiya’s? She looks a lot like
    Senko’s / Chiaki’s older sister.

    7. Many wants Kyouka back as their ruler, so if she goes there, there’ll bound to be trouble. Won’t they make Underground Empire Arc?

    8. Sure, Ouka had said his beloved wife and his beloved family. When is he going to said it face to face with Kyouka, that he love HER? Besides, realizing what love is and being in one is a totally different feeling.

    9. When can we see Kyouka with a better body!? Yes, Kyouka’s short form is the one that fits her sneakiness attitude, but Ouka is never turned on!If he never confess to her or get turned on by her at least once, then hs feeling for her is not different than to Yuka or Chika! I’m not asking for fanservice, just some F***king man-to-woman attraction chemistry!

    10. Lastly, WHO THE HELL IS THE TRUE ENKA CHILD!?!?!?!?

  • someperson says:

    I liked the show very much and I thought it was interesting. I didn’t like the Team Rockets(like in pokemon where they ruined everything). A lot of villains that came and ruined everything just as something interesting was happening. Needs more comedy because that’s what it was at first but then became less and less comedic. Also needs more of those love scenes. What is it with the japanese and the love scenes. In every anime theres a love scene and it gets interupted. Example: Ah my goddess! It took the main character months just to hug Belldandy…

    Hoping for a season two though.

  • Laines says:

    argh … its 2010 and i’m still hoping for another season … KKN is awesome … i know it’s been two years but please would they publish another one ??

    anyways … i totally disagree with the statement that Kyouka’s annoying ?? she’s the one that actually makes this anime interesting … yeah i agree it could’ve been better but I love the way it is now …

    crossing fingers for another episode ;)