Ga-rei -Zero- #04 — Uh… Huh…

October 26th, 2008


Not quite what I was expecting.


Well… this is different, and honestly, not particularly welcome. I’m not certain how excited I am for the rest of the series if all of it is going to be covering Yomi and Kagura. I don’t particularly care for Kagura overly much, and ‘present’ Yomi is nowhere near as interesting as her psycho killer persona. The long awaited opening seems to indicate that we’ve already seen what could have/should have been the big twist. On the other hand, if episodes three and four had been how things started out, along with that OP, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have made it this far.

In this episode, it’s hard to really tell the difference between this and softcore lesbian cable porn. Yomi and Kagura play kiss over pocky, wrestle/makeout in the backseat of the car, and grope eachother in the shower. That’s… really not the kind of show that initially intrigued me… and that’s before even mentioning the giant naked man with an afro and chest hair that looks like a wig. I’m pretty sure that giving Yomi a magical iron didn’t help matters either. Seriously, we’ve gone from sniper rifles and motorcycles, to gunsheaths and briefcases… to a magical iron. What the hell? At least the show understands that it’s ridiculous, but it doesn’t change the fact that they still tried to use an iron as a serious weapon in a fight.

It’s still an alright show I suppose, but if the next two months are going to be Kagura and Yomi alternately sexually romping around and killing minor monsters/getting over a fear of killing zombies, I can’t see myself covering this too much more, though that may change once they get back to the crazy instead of the horny. There’s just honestly no character that is really resonating with me here, and with the gradual and expected decline in the action and animation and the ramp upward in public and private lesbian writhing… well… that’s honestly about the last direction that I hoped this show would go in, but appears to be exactly where things are headed.

Ga-Rei -Zero- OP

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Necromancer says:

    I’m so glad I decided to drop this show after ep 3 bored me so much, this is nothing like the first 2 eps…

  • Legacy says:

    Im really not pleased with the path the show is taking so far… what was the point of the first two episodes if it just turns into this?

  • kokoro says:

    i like the opening.

    but WTF!

  • Sterling01 says:

    I wonder if Ken-chan’s going to make an appearance since his magical iron does?

  • Dafne says:

    I read the manga…didnt finish reading it thouhg.I like the after story how Yomi and Kagura met each other and how important they mean to each other

  • kearsie says:

    Sterling: the iron is probably a poke at the original story. Ga-rei the manga is a pretty wacky one in the first place. I guess people are just not coping with the sudden change because they expected “guns, modern conventional weapons” rather than magical ironing devices. The only real significance of this episode I can think of is the appearance of Byakuei, which makes sense since we’ve gone by 4 episodes without even seeing a Ga-rei.

    Really, I think this show would fit that “What i expected” meme well. I personally don’t mind, but meh, the quality’s getting worse, I would indeed prefer them following the original YHBT storyline instead of this.

  • Gummi says:

    I have a hint that Ga-Rei Zero will end with Kagura meeting Kensuke or something, and we will get a second season after this one. Also this anime series taking place before the manga, serving as a prequel to Ga-rei where members of the Agency including a young Kagura and active Nori are hunting down rogue spirits in the Greater Tokyo Area.

  • passer-by says:

    If you’ve read the manga and noticed the “zero” in the name, then I think you’ll get what’s going on. But I guess some bits WERE rather whack XP I have yet to read the backstory so I have no idea if what’s going on is… well… supposed to be going on or if they decided to “stretch” the story or something. *sigh* Main story please~ Oh and shoulder length hair for Kagura please :3 Short doesn’t suit her.

  • Ryan A says:

    it doesn’t change the fact that they still tried to use an iron as a serious weapon in a fight

    … but it tested well, lol

  • TheHidden says:

    You forgot the gay driver in your summary x)
    Also Michael16 is a friggin hax sword <3
    Oh and I like Kagura, she is quite my type :)

  • Coopa says:

    Wow. The blogger totally agrees with me. I feel that if the anime continues along the path of episode 3 and 4, then Ga-rei Zero is a missed opportunity. Making an anime where you pray that your favorite character lives makes it an interesting twist. And, screw this. If Kagura lives, then I quit. Yomi is an interesting character. Don’t drop a novel concept for something standard.

  • Rincewind says:

    Kagura and Yomi… cute.
    Viewing those screen I almost want to see this. Almost. After all I know that all will end in a bad ending…

  • They support each other. It’s the first time I saw a boiler as weapon.