Ga-rei -Zero- #03 — Rocks Fall; Everybody Has Some Pocky

October 19th, 2008


Somehow… it lacks the same punch.


Aw, an episode where nobody dies. There wasn’t even any action at all really, unless you count Yomi cutting some demon snake in half. Instead, it was a very long, and seemingly unfinished flashback about Kagura and Yomi’s past together. Assumably the guy from the first episode will also get an episode like this to explain his history with her, but I’ve already sort of forgotten what exactly was up with him anyway. It wasn’t really as interesting as the first couple episodes, even though we’re now basically just counting the days until Yomi goes crazy and betrays her former team mates. I hadn’t realized that she/her family were summoners though. I thought the whole "summon a giant angry lion/demon critter" was an evil power that she picked up somewhere.

Mostly it was just an episode about Yomi and her father taking in Kagura after her own parents were killed by some evil critter and how Yomi slowly brought Kagura out of her depression, thanks in part to the Dreamcast Dreambox. Power Stone is pretty good for mental healing. That’s really about all that happened in the episode. Yomi became a surrogate mother/sister to Kagura and introduced her to the fun world of demon slaying with all the others. The Wakamoto twins are even creepier when they’re leering behind an underdeveloped teenage girl.

Still no clue where exactly this show is going exactly, but I’d expect at least another flashback episode or two before we return to the present. Ah well. Knowing who goes crazy and who’s still a goody goody in the future takes a little bit of fun out of things.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Deevian says:

    So… still no op?

    Ok, brb, I’m gonna cry now.

  • Gummi says:

    Im loosing interest in Ga-Rei, also very disappointed in it, I was hoping the the manga plot version of the Anime, and not this…

  • Ransom says:

    @Gummi, actually this is a precuel of the manga, all these events actually happened bef the manga, I just hope them to also cover the manga, I really loved the story, and I don’t know how many episodes will the be able to keep this past loop. Hope this to be at least 26 ep to cover the manga.

  • Zan says:

    Huh. Right after the scene with MoE head talking with her assistant, there was a scene with a character from the manga behind a screen. Other than that, wow, Yomi’s VA sounds very different from before.

  • Kaito says:

    Is that [spoiler]Byakuei[/spoiler]?

  • kearsie says:

    @Gummi: lol, you apparently wasn’t interested much in Yomi’s backstory, cause I was. The whole backstory with kagura and yomi and fox-eyes was never really explained. I’m kind of glad they actually made a prequel that ALLUDES to the main manga plot. Besides, they actually did well in dragging us into the story by not completely revovling around the manga…ah you know what, fuck this, I’m a fanboy, mkay?

    @kaito: the golden/blue flashy dragon/dog head? or the blue mist around Kagura’s father? Cause they’re both Byakurei

  • Omisyth says:

    Needs OP and ED to add to its awesomeness.

  • Anonymous says:

    es el mejor anime que e visto .Pero no me gusta que yomi muera y que todavia kagura haya sido la persona que la mate odio eso pero fuera de eso es el mejor

  • I want cream croquette too.