Zero no Tsukaima ~ The Princesses’ Rondo #10 — Makeover!

September 8th, 2008


Henrietta has the worst patrol guards ever.


Well, far be it from me from expecting anything better than Sylpheed in a cocktail dress and Monmon in an arabian dancer’s outfit. Aside from perhaps the love potion episode, this may be the highlight of the series. From what I’m aware though, the whole dressup is one of the softcore parts of the novels, so apparently you’re not allowed to complain about it as being extraneous fanservice… not that I ever would.

Instead, I’ll pick my battles… the great airship diversion plan is an easy one, a very easy one. That scene was so painfully drawn out with some of the most ridiculous music in this series to date. After Colbert literally pimped Siesta out to distract the guards (dude… I know she’s not your student, but you shouldn’t be pimping out your underaged girlfriend’s associates), there was almost a full minute of watching the guys shovel coal while Siesta and Colbert pushed random buttons or just complained that they couldn’t lift off while we got to watch the airship straining. I’m not kidding, that scene went on for freaking ever.

Of course, I suppose it could have been worth it just to see Agnes lose her mind when she say Colbert. In fact, the art and animation all around for this episode was a few steps above normal. There wasn’t a ton to actually animate, but there just seemed to be a lot more tertiary movement throughout all the scenes in general. Of course, like I said, the music during that part was horrible, and Scarron is never a welcome sight… but hey… I never really expected anything from this series than something to sarcastically complain about on Sundays and some pretty pictures to look at.

Mmmmm Arabian Monmon. Now just give her a veil to really bring out those freckles…

Oh right, and the villains have some pulsating golem behind a giant door or something. I don’t even think I remember how Tabitha even relates to any of that anymore.


No, Louise… just… don’t even try it.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Haesslich says:

    … I sense much despair in the future, should Louise try to flaunt her… assets… in a situation.

  • Kresnik says:

    Is this show still has a plot..?

  • sage says:

    Delicious Monmon. Sylpheed is not too bad either.

  • C.I. says:

    Agnes’s rage face made me lol. HARD.

  • Ryugan Koji says:

    ok kirke finnally use an outfit that looks very good on her XD

  • bob says:

    plots for wimps

    real man just look at pictures and think up there own stories… i think that how it goes…

    anyway i don’t really mind after all i seen the season 1 and 2

  • Solaris says:

    After all this season is far better than the last one…

  • MFreezer says:

    LOL at Louise’s diguise. Poor thing.