Zero no Tsukaima ~ The Princess’ Rondo #11 — Whores!

September 14th, 2008


Brazen hussies!

Sorry, running a little bit slow/late today because of football/losing track of time while translating BMW (Progress! HA!!). Nabari probably won’t be up for a while. I’m supposed to be making dinner for friends now, not watching yaoi ninjas or translating nonsensical Type-Moon fanfics.


So… about 5 minutes of discussing the plan to whore themselves out, then 10 minutes of whoring themselves out, a couple minutes of nonsensical "ha ha, high treason is you just being a big silly," and then we beat the big elf baddie with the power of magic nullification and save Tabitha in the last couple minutes. Again, it’s not like I want anything too much more than some pretty pictures to look at for this show, but the plot feels so tacked on at the last second here. Everybody attacked the elf once, then Saito showed up, took a brick or two in the face while everybody else stood around like dimwits and Louise cast her spell… and that was that.

If they wanted to have Sylpheed, Tifa, Monmon and Kirche prance around like Arabian harlots, great… fine… whatever, but I still have no clue what the point of that elf guy even was. He beat up Sylpheed and Tabitha, and pretty much gave up the moment Saito’s void-charged Derf knocked out his magic shield. Meanwhile, we still have two villains and their evil pulsating golem welded to a wall. I’m not even sure that the rest of the party has any idea what two of the three of those even looks like. It seems like I’m making that complaint a lot these days. Enough with the shadowy masterminds or the eleventh hour villains. How about we get a real antagonist somewhere?

Also, the fact that Louise’s ribcage is poking through her skin tells me that her lack of a chest could probably be attributed to the fact that she’s malnourished or something. Oi, was that creepy looking.

Brief Summary:

Kirche flirts with a drunk to get the low down on the castle. They plan to break in and drug everybody there during their sing and dance routine. Louise is annoyed because she’s not part of the dance routine, so Kirche relents and gets her one. Saito walks in as she’s trying it on and tries to bang her, but Guiche interrupts.

Agnes gets all holier than thou and lets Colbert and the students go because she doesn’t want any more hatred in the world. What? What about the standing charges against these clowns and the fact that they attacked a corps of soldiers and led your elite knights on a wild goose chase?

At the social gathering, the guy in charge that they need to take down has a special request for Kirche. The performance starts and they all start shaking their breasts. Tifa… sucks at it. As does Louise, but for different reasons. While Saito takes the stage for a horrible swordplay demonstration, Kirche and Monmon try to figure out what to do. The guy apparently loves little girls. Louise overhears and volunteers and Kirche gives her a drug to knock him out. She goes off to seduce the doofus, but manages to drop the drug.

Saito finds it and asks Tifa about it. She recognizes it and realizes that Louise is in trouble, so they rush off to save her. They get there and Tifa casts the brain-scramble spell on the guy and then Louise kicks hi, in the face when he tries to dive into her chest again. Outside, everybody else is KOed. The elf dude comes out and fights against them briefly before Saito rushes at him, but is pushed back by his shield. While Saito fends him off, Louise casts a dispel on Derf which lets him cut through it. Tifa stops Saito from cutting him down (like he would anyway), and everybody goes running off to find Tabitha.


Totali’s wish for a Louise x Golem ending comes true.

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  • Totali says:

    I’m liking that preview text! I like it a lot. :D

  • Totali says:


  • Aroduc says:

    Nuh uh. Weirdo.

  • sage says:

    I don’t love this show. I really don’t.

  • Hinano says:

    She looks like a starving ethiopian child

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  • Shinji103 says:

    So only 2 episodes left. I smell a season 4, especially with all the remaining novel content.

  • Aroduc says:

    One episode left, actually.

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  • shadow says:

    Then only the boy have action, and the girls are only for fanservice

  • Shinji103 says:

    @Aroduc: Meh, I’m actually talking about the bonus episode that’s going to be released on DVD 4 in December, making it 13 episodes.