Shigofumi DVD — Unsolicited Mail

September 27th, 2008


And other deceiving things you get in your mailbox.

Birdy’s going to have to wait until tomorrow, since I’m absolutely wiped out at this point and beyond ready to crash, so take that into account here.


While enjoyable,it’s definitely just an add on to the Shigofumi universe and really doesn’t stir the waters overly much. It’s yet another bullying story, bringing the total for Shigofumi up to three or four, only this time with a clumsy attempt for Fumi to deal with the friend Horie Yui (I’m pretty sure) trying to soothe things over and be nice, but sort of getting screwed for her relatively (all things considered) good intentions, or at the least, screwed around with. While always a delight to hear good old Hocchan, it really does feel rather tacked on and like it could have taken place at almost any point in the series. I wasn’t honestly expecting a whole ton from it, but it’d have been nice to see a bit more of the whole Fumi/Mika wrapup with her family and life in general. I did feel a little lost and confused just because I couldn’t really remember which characters were hanging around since god-only-knows when and which were specific to the episode, but I’m willing to chalk that up to a failing on my behalf. It’s not like those doofuses were ever particularly compelling characters in the first place.

In short, while certainly not an embarassing or fanservicey addition to the series, it’s really not particularly compelling or necessary either. Certainly nothing to complain about at any rate.

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  • C.I. says:

    Great to see Chiaki again. Drunken Chiaki is ~<3

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