Mission-E #11 — Don’t Make That Face at Me

September 16th, 2008


I’m with Maori and Adol.


It seems to me that between last week and this week’s episode, there was only about 20 minutes worth of anything interesting. Hiiragi (and I only remember his name because of all the shadowy figures going "What’s Hiiragi doing!? at the end) hijacks some television stations with his Gadget Drones and broadcasts to… whoever… that the evil Type-Es walk among you, eating the same food, going to the same places, etc etc. Then everybody goes off to ‘the place where it began’ (??) to stop him. Yet another Code-E reference that flew right past me I’m sure. I assume they mean wherever Mils had her accident, but for all I know, they could be going to The Gap. Adol pocketed a fork from the dinner party to prise off his cast, and Maori follows after him then confesses her love for him. Weren’t you two trying to kill each other last episode and angrily yelling at one another 10 minutes ago? Also, there are at least two super powered people in the dinner party next door, maybe three if you can get the newbie to do anything useful. Any one of them would be better equipped to handle the situation than the two of you gimps combined.

Before we reached that point, we got to see characters that we haven’t seen for two and a half months magically reappear and hang around for a few minutes. Remember that girl back in episode 1? She got about a couple minutes of face time here. If there’s nothing that says "climax incoming," it’s a one-shot character coming back just to say "yo, I’ll be working with you after the series is over." Hell, I think this episode puts her almost even with Akane for screen time. Likewise, we got about three full minutes of Sonomi berating Kotaro about putting a tracking device in the suit along with beating him with a shoe for trying to defend it and Chinami for being complimented by his stalker tendencies. Then they make these faces when Sonomi says they should have an engagement party. Terrifying.

Next episode looks to be all action, so should be a lot more entertaining. We’ll even get to see ol’ Yuma actually do something for the second time in the series. Akane… still waiting on that one.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Shinji103 says:


    Wow. Those two definitely don’t get along anymore. O.O

    And YAY!!! for MaorixAdol. Sorry, but episode 8 solidified their chemistry. :D Besides, lovers trying to kill each other at one point or another before admitting their feelings for each other isn’t so uncommon in Anime. Heck, sometimes they try to kill each other /after/ their relationship is established. ^^