Mission-E #09 — Things Girls Want

September 1st, 2008

New clothes and tangerines.


I love how Kotaro shows up in an expensive military helicopter with a new Refley Dress (apparently the name of the power suits), dozens of scientists… and one large box of tangerines. Aside from that, and the almost hypnotic way that Chinami’s butt undulates at the mention of Kotaro, not the most exciting of episodes, dulled quite a bit by the reuse of animation for the training sequence. It was so ‘good’ the first time, let’s see it again, only with a slightly different ending. At least the training seems to be done with and out of the way now that Chinami and Maori have bonded over a retconned flashback from years ago where they run into each other and both thing that they caused a nearby flight tower to explode. I’ll withhold my excitement for the new suit until we get to actually see it in action.

There were a few developments on the villain front. I had completely forgotten about Akane’s existence for one. All’s not going well with the league of shadowy figures, though it really has been quite awhile since anybody aside from Adol seems to have done anything. Don’t they have electric bats to be chasing down and a private school to be experimenting on? Adol can’t get Maori out of his mind either, which is doing wonders for his target practice at the firing range. Speaking of him, we also get to learn that an explosion (apparently caused by Chinami? Or at least he thinks as much) is why Mils is in a coma. Yeah, that could put a rift in a friendship. There still remains the question as to why they don’t just send a black ops squadron to her or Chinami’s houses. Too many secret organizations, not enough people with brains in them. Having SWAT guys run all willy nilly through a crowded hotel is fine, but a targetted assassination? Apparently that’s off limits.


:D to you too, Kotaro!

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