Kyouran Kazoku Nikki #25 — Monkeys and Pirates and Aliens, Oh My

September 30th, 2008


Somehow, they managed to mix those things up and just come up with a dull brown sludge.

Earl and Fairy will have to wait until tomorrow. The Hartford airport has nice, strong, free wireless though, maybe I’ll be able to get it watched and uploaded there. If not, then late tomorrow night after my 9 hour cross country journey concludes.


I officially got sick of Tomokazu Seki as the King in this episode. I tried to shove it aside before, but it just became overwhelming. Every time he spoke a word, all I could hear was Jun/Kenichi/Ren trying to play himself off as a hapless and apologetic doomsday alien… and it doesn’t work in the slightest.

As for the rest of the episode… eh… whatever. I understood a lot less of it than normal… even for the normal KKN motormouthing, but it certainly didn’t help that what I did catch was rather nonsensical. I got that the Water was controlling Kyouka and that it was basically just tapping in to unleash hidden inhibitions or what-have-you and that the King has a past with Oasis waaaay back when and they’re both being stupid over this love thing, and that Yuuka’s whining about hurting each other has once again put the world in mortal danger, but you can only take a big dramatic showdown so seriously when one of the participants is a midget catgirl in bear pajamas… and the melee involves albino monkeys and a man in a nightgown. Shouldn’t possessed Kyouka have at least put on some black leather to show that she was evil? Or maybe grown a goatee? Anything would have been better than an animal onesie.

The whole Oasis and King stuff continued to drag on incessantly with no real point or conclusion in sight, which isn’t really a good sign with a single episode left, and the cliffhanger of Ouka supposedly shooting Kyouka in the head is a mite bit insulting to my intelligence. Who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me and have actually fulfilled my wildest dreams and blown her brains out all over the sand. That’d at least provide a nice and restful final episode without giving me too much of a migraine. I did find the end melee a bit amusing since almost every shot was Chika in various states of distress. At least they threw some brainless fanservice in somewhere. It certainly beats whatever this horrible horrible horrible mess that they’re calling a finale plot.


Chika’s boobs.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Myssa Rei says:

    Do note that Kyouka’s cat ears are, well, no longer THERE. That only happened once in the series, remember?

  • Aroduc says:

    Yeah yeah, the Kyoukaness is off elsewhere, possibly on a Shinigami or something. I really didn’t know what to read into that that though, since I’m not even certain how the competing brain scrambling would work out in the first place… whether it was the Water that forced them off or if they jumped ship to prevent the Water from doing whatever or… etc etc

  • james says:

    So Kyouka’s body is possessed and the Kyouka spirit is elsewhere?
    I know whenever someone is possesed they get funny ears like shinigami had bunny ears so I’m guessing the loli had cat ears.

    What are the chances of shinigame possessed by Kyouka coming in last minute and saving EVERYONE’S ass? Because she learned love and broke the prophecy of Enka.