Kyouran Kazoku Nikki #23 — The Love of a Robot and Jellyfish

September 13th, 2008


I’m not convinced either have any clue what they’re talking about in the first place.


An alright episode, though I’m a little uneasy with this absolute barrage of characters at the end here and they don’t seem to be stopping at all since there’s yet another new character showing up next week. –Insert obligatory complaint about lack of Raichou here– We got not one new character this episode, but two really. Deus ex Gekka finally got a personality and some screen time instead of just showing up in the last 15 seconds of an episode to fix whatever continuity problems had been introduced. She’s okay I guess, but we’ve really hit critical mass with characters here and she didn’t really do anything particularly interesting aside from standing around and being easy on the eyes. King is also okay, but he’s basically just the male/god version of Oasis, so I wasn’t really that enthralled by him.

This whole alien invasion thing in general just seems poorly handled all around. Aliens are invading and roaming the streets at the start of the episodes, but then for the last two, it’s been completely dropped and ignored after the first 3 minutes to showcase the new character. We’re 3 episodes from the end now. Stop introducing new characters and if you want to actually have some kind of ‘plot’ to end this, stop dropping it every couple minutes to go chase after the shiny ball.

Brief Summary:

While in the middle of eating out of the garbage, Shinigami and her father are attacked by aliens. The aliens are attacking women all over the city. Raichou deploys the departments swarms and swarms and swarms of weaponry around the HQ. The family heads out to deal with the invaders, but notice that Gekka is missing.

While fighting aliens and helping citizenry, a strange UFO lands and stuff flows out of it forming the strange looking alien that calls himself a King. He greets them in an alien voice and Kyouka attacks him. Once he recovers, he switches to a normal voice and starts hand out his (blank) business card. He’s also sort of clueless about Earth. Eventually it comes out that he’s looking for love on the planet too. Kyouka bullies him a bit too until one of his little antenna things falls out and there’s a massive explosion that wrecks the entire area. He apologizes to them profusely. Apparently he’s a weapon of planetary destruction, though doesn’t want to be and teleports up and away.

Gekka (human form) watches him fly away. Hyouka notices her and recognizes her as Gekka. She speaks to Hyouka about protecting things, but it’s over Hyouka’s head. Gekka waves her fan and knocks Hyouka down before flying up to her UFO and away.

Turns out that King went off to drown his troubles in liquor at the bar. He bonds with Neko, who cheers him on. He’s royalty after all. He tries to drink, but forgot that he has no mouth. Gekka’s UFO crashes into the bar and he cowers in fear of her. Ouka and Kyouka arrive at the bar where King is clinging to Gekka while she beats on him with her fan. Kyouka immediately recognizes her as Gekka too. She’s forced to explain herself.

She is an ancient god that watched over the world since it was nothing but water. King showed up then and tried to confess his love for her, but Gekka wasn’t buying that. Back in the present, King wants Ouka’s blessing for his ‘daughter.’ Kyouka just wants him to bow in fealty to her. Gekka takes the opening to grab Ouka and Kyouka and fly off. Hyouka follows after them and breaks in then punches Gekka for her earlier antics.

Oasis keeps moping while an evil voice goads her towards evil.


Affirmative action strikes again!

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One Lonely Comment

  • AGear2Ax says:

    “Gekka waves her fan and knocks Gekka down”

    Hey Aroduc, who knocks down who with her fan? Anyways, let’s just forget about Raichou, there’s no way we can see doing something important at this point. Maybe King will end with that water girl of the last episode.