Birdy the Terrible: DECODE #11 — ReReReReRepeat!

September 12th, 2008


Senkawa is truly a shining star.


This was perhaps, the worst episode I could have possibly imagined. Alright, no… let me correct myself… this is the worst episode I could have imagined without them just sending the animators off for sake and whores and bringing in Gundoh Musashi’s team to cover for them. The first three minutes or so are just total and abjectly pathetic time filler that crosses the OP. They have a daydream sequence that crosses the OP. What the hell? Then after Senkawa decides that staying up late and watching Nakasugi sleep from a mile away is a good idea, Birdy tells him that Nakasugi is eeeeeeebul, only for his to have fallen asleep in the middle of it. At this point, we’re just under ten minutes into the episode, Birdy has confessed about Nakasugi twice and Senkawa has received a new body once.

But wait, there’s more. Going into the CM break, Birdy manages to get Senkawa to listen and finally tells him that she’s evil. He seems to take it relatively well… at least accepting it and switching to "you’d have to kill her then, right?" It’s too soon to be happy though! The moment Birdy takes over the body and goes off to do her job, Senkawa changes her mind and starts yelling that she’s just a normal girl and forces her down. "Uso da," says Senkawa. "Oh god, why?" says Aroduc. Thankfully, who’s her face shows up to knock him out and then we find out that the throwaway daydream from the start of the episode was actually a prophetic dream since Senkawa’s body really is ready, to Birdy’s surprise.

But wait… there’s more. After being unceremoniously (and nakedly dumped) back home, Nakasugi shows up at his door and starts rambling on about how other people are all disgusting. Birdy and her compadre can’t find Nakasugi at her mansion, so she tries calling Senkawa, who… thinking about the whole "other people are garbage" rantings of Nakasugi, decides to hold his ground and rant some more about her being a normal girl. They run off together, where they meet up with Sham, who takes Nakasugi off on a yacht while evilly grinning at Senkawa all the while. Screw evil alien, if I was Senkawa, I’d have thought that he was about to rape her and/or sell her off as a slave. Need I remind you that this is the first time either of the protagonists has even seen Sham. A few minutes later, whose-her-face shows up at Senkawa’s door and plays an evil tape that reveals Sham to be the bad guy. I die a little more inside.

So to recap, we get the same "Senkawa getting a new body" scene twice, Birdy telling him about Nakasugi three times, and then the rest of the episode is him spent in denial over it before he puts Nakasugi on a boat with the head bad guy, who, need I remind you, Birdy has still never even seen and this is the first time that Senkawa has. What ever happened to interpersonal relations with villains? Between this and Sekirei, the market for "fights against people we don’t know" is crowded for the end of this season. 

The biggest question I have in my mind now is "how is he going to get out to the boat where he’ll sacrifice himself to protect Birdy from Nakasugi or vice-versa and start this whole nonsense all over again for season 2?" Birdy’s certainly not going to haul him out to the yacht, and it’s not like he can dog paddle there on his own.


I think that this show might be a little improved if Sham was just a creep pedophillic rapist. It’d add that personal touch.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Sham might very well be a pedophillic rapist. He did keep that robot child for a while anyway.