The Ruler of Nabari #22 — Cures Insomnia

August 31st, 2008


Certainly better than a sharp stick in the eye at the very least.


Yawn. A tremendously boring episode, only barely livened up by a couple extremely blurry sword clashes towards the end. I had trouble staying away through the first half, and I watched it around noon. I’m a little confused to exactly how that fight even went. First, the three Ash Wolves were all at hand’s distance from Banten (and Gau), and then suddenly, they had all teleported back to Yoite and Miharu to knock them over. Did Kouichi and Raimei just let them run back and take hostages? Gau, sure… I can understand him being completely useless. He didn’t even throw a punch. "Run up and get kicked in the face… sounds like a good plan!" I don’t even know why Kouichi bothers with these punks either. You’re immortal, dude. Just let them hit you in the face with a knife, then pull the scary eyes routine and stab them back. It was a good strategy before, it’d be a good strategy again. There were also a few screwball proportions this week with the swords for that matter. Raikou’s sword in particular seems to have shrunk by a couple feet, and the closer up you get to your enemy, the longer the blade becomes.

But yeah… Yukimi carts off Miharu and Yoite for his own purposes after they escape the sewer, Fuuma rescues Yae, and Raikou officially gets kicked out of the Ash Wolves, and Koutarou goes over to annoy that one guy who used to be a main character but has been missing for the past month and nobody seems to care. Can’t seem to remember his name… Kubohiro or something. Not like he’s an important character that they’re supposed to be looking for to unlock this omnipotence thing. Sheesh.


Back to bondage play for Miharu.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZOL says:

    yay for the return of bondage.

  • twirble says:

    In case you don’t know, just about the entire Nabari fandom agrees the anime has been sucking lately…what the hell?

    I really hope they get back to the manga soon if they aren’t planning another season…at least the story moves forward when they follow the manga.

  • Mint says:

    J.C. Staff is planning to make the world full of shotacons with bondage fetishes.

    And it’s working.

  • Kyouka says:

    The only thing Nabari animu is good for now is lulzy screencaps.