The Ruler of Nabari #21 — How Can You Escape a Room…

August 24th, 2008


…If the door has no knob!?


Let me get this straight, Hattori… you went to the middle of a warzone, and because you saw people killing there, you decided the logical course of action would be to make a bid for controlling the world? That’s one hell of a post-traumatic stress disorder. I shouldn’t even need to point out that you, the ninja photographer who took down 5 guys with guns pointed at you, should probably have been able to take out the entire attacking force by yourself if you weren’t too busy trying to get good pictures. What would Ben Parker think of you? Also, that shot of him next to the full moon ranks at least a roquefort on the cheese-o-meter.

An extrordinarily boring episode, only livened up by Raikou occasionally wailing on nameless thugs and the bewildering stupidity of various characters. Miharu’s in a room, and the door to the outside has no knob. He doesn’t try to push it, slide it, or kick it down, he just notes that there’s no knob and comes to the conclusion "well, I’m screwed." Why would you even build a door with no knob? There’s a lock on the other side. What is the point of a knobless door? To make matters worse, his plan for escape was "pretend I need to use the bathroom, and throw pepper in the guard’s eyes." That guard needs to be shot. Gau’s plan for breaking out Yoite by drugging one guard is also circumspect. Was he counting on Yoite to be able to fight his way out? That guard also needs to be dragged out into the street and shot. "Oh hey, it’s someone sympathetic to the prisoner saying that he just wants to visit and he’s brought me food and drink… what a nice fellow." I’m pretty sure that’s straight out of the Evil Overlord’s List of qualities to avoid in your prison guards.

Aren’t we supposed to be finding Kumohira? How will I remember that his doodad is in his earring if they don’t show it to me every week?


Aftera few days of bright sunshine and warmth, it’s blizzarding again.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mint says:



    J.C. Staff shouldn’t try to write their own plots anymore. Just stick to the fanservice please.

  • Twirble says:

    Stop cracking me up.

    What was that sick scene with Fuuma and the green-haired Loli?

  • Alaena says:

    OH DANG. I think this episode killed a few very important parts of my brain. I’ll probably watch this thoroughly later, since I only skimmed it this time, but the anime-only material HURTS…just a little bit. Ah, well, I’ll stick it through until the end. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. (eh heh… ^^;;) *shot*

  • Joule says:

    Oh wow that title reminds of that Zoku Zetsubou episode where they start saying ordinary things dramatically.

    I don’t know why I keep watching this show sometimes. At least I grew to like Bamboo Blade.

  • brake says:

    Whatever the fangirls say, the anime is not much worse than what the manga has been like lately. It’s stupid but at least it pretends to care about the other characters, not just BAWW YOITE/MIHARU BAAWW.

  • ZOL says:

    whatever they say about the gayness of manga being 100 times the amount the anime ever has, it provides us with good development and much less commonsense-defying plot turns, dude.

  • brake says:

    I don’t care about the gayness, what I hate about the manga is the wangst surrounding Yoite and the fact that it turned a pretty good story with interesting characters into a Yoite/Miharu love story cum wangstfest. As for good development, frankly, I don’t really see more development than the anime has so far. Though maybe we’ll have some after chapter 50.

  • ZOL says:

    Yukimi has some, but I will wait for later eps before I have anything to say about this.
    And basically Nabari anime stays pretty loyal to the manga in term of plot and characters imho: The anime pretends to care about the characters but so does the manga. The manga is a Y/M love story wangstfest but it’s been like that since something like the beginning and so is the anime. It’s only the recent change of plot and a less masterful approach that marks its difference from the original. And that makes all the difference, pal: I can hardly feel any development in the anime.

  • Darkly says:

    On the Manga:

    I don’t know where you guys are coming from, this is perhaps the best written, most delicately illustrated manga’s out there….I really want to know what you think is so much better.

  • Mint says:

    Uh… I don’t see how chapter 50 didn’t have much plot development. It was pretty big. I’d say more but that would be spoiling it for everyone else.

    The manga is an MxY wangstfest, I won’t deny that. If you don’t like it, so be it. The level of gay isn’t what makes the manga superior to the anime, it’s the pacing. The anime’s pacing is just annoying, sometimes dragging through just one chapter of the manga per episode or skimming through 4 chapter’s worth of events. Right now I’d say they’re dragging through one chapter per episode. Not to mention that the anime original material has so far delivered nothing but genericness and unoriginality.

    tl;dr Sewer Yoite is hilarious.