The Ruler of Nabari #19 — Should Have Gone With Tetsuo

August 10th, 2008




Another episode where absolutely nothing happened and it did so very very slowly. We learn that Gau is a whiny little girl and basically Raikou’s maid, Yukimi named Yoite after having the little angsty brat dumped on him, and in the last three minutes or so, Miharu and Yoite go rogue and steal the Ash Wolves’ files. Since the writers finally realized that the Ash Wolves’ stated goal is world domination and omnipotence, a group of apparently unhinged elite assassins hobos and blue collar workers get called in. Where were these guys during every other fight the Ash Wolves had? Apparently they were just out hanging and drowning helpless businessmen. 

Maybe they’ll at least provide some conflict or something to drive this show for awhile, though the preview just shows some angry eyes. You’ve got to admit that the speedsuit that one of them is wearing is certainly hot grey. How convenient that there are four of them too; an adult, a bishi teen, a generic teen, and a girl. It’s like they assembled the dark Banten group here. Throw in Yukimi to have some kind of angsty showdown with his foster son where he decides to follow his heart instead of helping his boss achieve godhood and whammo, there’s your final battle/arc.

Man, I hope I’m wrong.

Also, Zero may be a bit late tonight. I’ve got dinner guests! (oho!)



Quick! Quick! Flesh out the final villains before anybody realizes that we introduced them at the last minute!

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Alaena says:

    Haven’t watched this one yet… BUT… they added villains? RAWR. =( *cries* I liked the ones in the manga… Ah, well. *will have to watch and see*

  • Mint says:

    W-What happened to the umbrella girls? Who are those people? Only the redhead girl looks somewhat like one of the Kasa from the manga… oh well, it’s too early to judge. But I’ll probably never get used to them unless they pop out some umbrellas.

  • ZOL says:

    nooooo my fav. Kasa twins and their weird talks !!!!!!!!! ;_; where the hell did those peasants come from ???

  • Twirble says:

    It seesm they are entering filler-territory-My guess is the [spoiler] umbrella girls come later as the punishment for failing a Kasa mission is death.[/spoiler]