The Ruler of Nabari #18 — Nice Jacket, Miharu

August 3rd, 2008


Did your husband pick it out for you?


Why is it always "one month to live" or "one week to live." I mean, sure, a nice round number sounds better, 30 days or so is quite a wide margin or error and no less arbitrary than saying "x weeks." Then again, I guess when your cause of death is "magical ninja backlash" pinning down an exact time frame probably is more difficult than usual. Luckily though, at the rate this show is going, the next six episodes will only cover maybe four days worth of time.

Even less happened this episode than usual. Miharu was told that Yoite only had a month left to live (with Yoite overhearing it). On his way to emo it up in the streets, he ran into Raikou, got into an argument over people being important and zapped both him and Gau. Unfortunately, it was apparently a healing zap against Gau. Wasn’t he saying awhile ago that he can only kill? Now he’s bringing people out of comas. Guess you were wrong, but you’re still whining about it. After emoing it up for awhile and leaving a giant trail of blood and collapsing in it, Miharu finally found him and there was a yaoi power hug where Yoite begged to be saved and said that he didn’t want to die anymore.

I do have to admit that I did like the last scene, but most of the rest was pretty boring and predictible from start to finish. If anybody thought that Yoite really killed Gau, I’ll slap them and call them stupid. I also have to wonder why nobody else was interested in the giant trail of blood leading up to a kid with atrophied arms and legs sitting in a hospital gown in a pool of blood. Around Christmas no less. Where is this, New Jersey?

I’m still continuing to have issues, even at this late stage, in wrapping my head around the Ash Wolves as ‘good’ guys, or at least morally ambiguous protagonists. You’re working for an organization that supports corrupt organizations and is trying to conquer the world. You are not nice people. All this pretending otherwise is just silly. When somebody finally remembers to actually look for Kumohira and you get the Banten doohickey, maybe someone will remember that and we can go back to having some actual plot that isn’t fueled by teenage boylove angst. When there’s an actual antagonist, things get interesting. There’s direction, conflict, movement, plot, vampire Kouichi. Without one we get… well… this. Yoite moping around and Miharu hugging him and telling him it’s alright for the seventh or eigth time now.


Aren’t they supposed to be looking for Kumohira? I’m pretty sure Yoite has no clue where Kumohira is.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Geena says:

    Yoite used Daya on Gau, not Kira. I liked that last scene to…they did it very well.

    Part of the point to this is their is no real “good” side or bad side. Their are people who are willing to fight and die for what they believe on both sides; that is how the world of Nabari operates.

    The only one here who isn’t ruthless is Thobari and we all hate him.

  • kuromitsu says:

    I like Tobari. :P He’s a loser but at least he knows he is one. Plus he doesn’t angst as much as the main characters (at least he doesn’t do most of it onscreen).

  • Tokki says:

    I’m happy I dropped this. The first 5 epi’s where good but then it just went down hill and turned into a drama yoai.The suppost to be bad guys are now BFF’s with the suppost to be good guys.

  • Ms Strong says:

    Cause we all know the world is only made up of bad guys and good guys like superman that fight them for us. (sarcasm)

  • Aroduc says:

    They lost their right to be tragically misunderstood good guys when they did fist pumps and high fives after the “we’re going to conquer the world!” speech back in episode five or six.

  • dangan says:

    has this turn into some tragic shounen ai anime?

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  • ZOL says:

    boy, I know Yoite’s a pitiful kid and all, but all this emo in snow and walking around coughing up blood unnoticed is overdoing it. Way to ruin the original subtlety, J.C.Staff.

    @Geena: Yoite used Kira on Gau, NOT Daya. That thing consumes people’s brain to activate and last time I looked, ‘cept J.C Staff no one is walking around brainless.

  • Aroduc says:

    I would so argue against the “nobody is brainless” theory. ^^

  • Infiny says:

    Yea, uh, after episode 14? 12? whatever. I don’t even remember. THE LAST EPISODE IN THE SCHOOL. Anyway, when I saw it veer off from the manga , I figured it would all go downhill. I mean, the manga’s still supergay, but ATLEAST THERE’S ACTUAL SHIAT GOING ON.
    This all looks like plotfail… I can’t even bear to watch anymore.

    I admit that I hate Thobari also.
    There isn’t one thing I like about that guy… D:
    WAIT. I like his girlfriend/fiancee/wife/thing?